Hike on Gaspar Grande, visit the Gasparee Caves and swim in Biscayne Bay (Monos Island), Trinidad & Tobago


Explore the stunning Trinidad & Tobago island on an incredible hike on Gaspar Grande to the Gasparee Caves and Biscayne Bay with one of the experienced guides in our team.

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  • Discover the dazzling flora and fauna of this island.
  • Explore the iconic Gasparee Caves.
  • Enjoy a boat ride and swim on the beautiful Monos Island.


Trinidad and Tobago is a stunning Caribbean island near Venezuela and an ideal place for a relaxing and exciting vacation. We want to invite you to explore the country with a beautiful hike on Gaspar Grande Island visiting the dazzling Gasparee Caves.

Gaspar Grande is a small island in Trinidad and Tobago, just 15 minutes away from the mainland. The terrain is predominantly limestone.

We’ll take you on a unique and scenic hike through this island, where you’ll learn all about the flora, fauna, and sinkholes. Then we’ll descend 100 feet underground to visit the impressive Gasparee Caves, beautiful limestone caverns with stalactite and calcium formations and a dazzling crystal clear salt water pool at the bottom called Blue Grotto. Due to the tide, the water there is always fresh, and it is a great spot for a dip. The trip ends with a boat ride to Biscayne Bay on Monos Island for a relaxing swim.

So, are you ready to explore this beautiful island? Then book your trip now and let us show you this stunning place.

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