trip duration TRIP DURATION
6 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
12 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period BEST PERIOD
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP


This is not your typical trek. Contrary to most hikes through lovely peaceful meadows and charming valleys, this trek will take you across Europe’s most challenging routes. The GR20 is a trip for the brave, only for those prepared enough to meet this challenge.

Join me on the most difficult hike in Europe. I will take you through terrains that seem out of a gladiator’s arena. Together, we’ll defeat some of nature’s most demanding paths. We’ll scrape across boulder fields. And we will slide down thrilling inclined slopes. We’ll also face rocky passages worth of any experienced rock climber.

Easy, straightforward, flat roads will be something we won’t even miss. Instead, every section we’ll conquer, will leave you wanting more! And as a reward, we will get to see dazzling sceneries and mesmerizing views all throughout the trek. We’ll also get a real taste of the traditional life of those that inhabit these mountains.

So be prepared to roughen it up. As we will be staying in some charming but basic huts along the way. Thus, we’ll have to bring our own sleeping bags. But meals and snacks will be available.

How long is it? 6 days through the south route. But if you can’t stay more than a week we can change the itinerary removing the first stage. In this case we’ll start in Bavella and end in Vizzavona

Who can participate in the GR20?

  • Participants that are in good physical condition and be used to rocky and uneven terrain.
  • Also folks who regularly practice endurance sports such as cross country ski, trail, running

This isn’t a trip for those who “want” to accomplish it. It is for those who are able to do so. If you are up for the challenge, don’t hesitate! Send me a request and let me guide you through this adventure.


Day 1

Bavella - Asinau

Reception in Ajaccio. Then we’ll transfer to the Bavella pass. We’ll take the Alpine variant to cross Bavella. And we will spend the night in Asinau. Duration: 4 hours / Positive vertical drop: 810 m / Negative vertical drop: -410 m / Distance: 6.7 km

Day 2

Asinau - Bassetta / Crocci

First we’ll climb to the Includine (2134 m). Then, we’ll cross the plateau grasslands in Cuscione, where the terrain softens. And at night we’ll stay at Bassetta or Crocci sheepfold. Duration: 5.30 hours / Positive vertical drop: 710 m / Negative vertical drop: -900 m / Distance: 12.3 km

Day 3

Bassetta/Crocci - Usciolu

We’ll begin by walking on the crest of the ridge statues. After that we’ll cross between the granite boulders eroded by the wind, with the backdrop of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Finally we’ll sleep at the Usciolu refuge. Duration: 4.30 hours / Positive vertical drop: 630 m / Negative vertical drop: -210 m / Distance: 8.4 km

Day 4

Usciolu - Prati/Verde

The day will begin trekking towards the North. We’ll hike by an air route of ridges, on the watershed line between Taravu Valley and the eastern plain. Also, we’ll climb the Punta Capella (2041m). And we will stay at the Prati refuge or Col de Verde lodge for that night. If we stay at Verde, there will be assistance with your bag available. Duration: 7 hours / Positive vertical drop: 790 m / Negative vertical drop: -1240 m / Distance: 14.5 km

Day 5

Prati/Verde - Capanelle

We will cross the Marmano forest. Then we’ll join the Pozzi du Renoso plateau with its lawns dotted with water holes. After that, we’ll find a former walkway that makes the easiest step of the GR20. At night we’ll stay in the Capanelle lodge. Duration: 6 hours / Positive vertical drop: 850 m / Negative vertical drop: -520 m / Distance: 18.6 km

Day 6

Capanelle - Vizzavona

First we’ll reach the Palmente pass (1640m) crossing an ancient mule track. There the eastern coast emerges, offering a wide panorama of the Diana and Urbinu ponds. Finally we’ll descend to the Vizzavona forest and return to Ajaccio. Duration: 5 hours / Positive vertical drop: 220 m / Negative vertical drop: -890 m / Distance: 15.3 km

Price per person

1 Person630EUR
Group of 2630EUR
Group of 3630EUR
Group of 4630EUR
Group of 5630EUR
Group of 6630EUR
Group of 7630EUR
Group of 8630EUR

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Accommodation
  • All meals during trip
  • Transport during the trip
  • Luggage transfer during the trip
This trip is for individuals and groups. But we we assure departure from 6 persons and limited to 12.

Other details

Skill level required


Fitness level required

Extremely Fit

Meeting point

Train station in Ajaccio.


Refuges, shepherds huts (sleeping in tents), lodges

More info

Dates and departures: Every week between mid-May and mid-October. On Sunday. It possible to do the whole GR20 (linking it with the North route) with an intermediate night at Vizzavona gite. I recommend you have the following items: trekking boots, full bottle, full backpack, closed assistance bag. There will be bag transfers available when the paths are accessible by road. When it is not possible, you should have a sleeping bag, and personal belongings needed for nights in refuges or sheepfolds. There are no ATM machines on the trek, and only in Vizzavona, Vergio and Ascu credit cards are accepted. Thus, you should bring enough cash for your personal expenses.


If the tour is abandoned or you are excluded by your guide because you don’t have the required level or you do not follow the security rules: you will not be refunded. You will have to pay directly the additional expenses caused by your abandonment/exclusion (taxi, accommodations, etc).