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Hiking from Verbier to Zermatt

Hiking from Verbier to Zermatt
Hiking from Verbier to Zermatt
Hiking from Verbier to Zermatt
Hiking from Verbier to Zermatt

Follow Sarah, UIMLA mountain leader, on an 8-day hiking traverse from Verbier to Zermatt, at the foot of the highest peaks of the Valais.

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8 Days

Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct


Join me for an alpine traverse at the foot of some of the highest peaks of Valais which are accessible to hikers, starting from the famous and scenic Verbier resort.

I propose to connect Verbier in the Swiss canton of Valais, with the village of Zermatt and its unique Matterhorn.

In this 8-day trip, we'll be hiking through varied and spectacular landscapes. We’ll appreciate traditional pastures, wild and sometimes lunar sceneries, mountain lakes, glaciers and larch forests. In addition, an exceptional alpine flora and fauna will surround us.

Some of the peaks we'll get the chance of admiring are Weisshorn, Dent Blanche, Matterhorn and Zinalrothorn.

You can find the complete itinerary for further details below this description.

We'll be hiking between 4 and 9 hours per day. Besides, you should consider that the best season to come on this trip is from June to October.

A beautiful hike that is waiting for you! Please contact me if you are want to be a part of this adventure, and we’ll organize it together.

You can also come with me for other trips in this area, like a trail running in Les Dents du Midi or the 5-day Verbier Grand Saint Bernard hike.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1: Verbier / Louvie Cabin

  • 4 hours

  • 400 m – / 400 m +

We will take the cable car to Verbier in Ruinettes to get high.

From there, we’ll reach the Mont-Fort hut, before we take the famous chamois trail to the Termin Pass, to end with the descent to the Louvie lake and the hut of the same name, where we’ll spend the first night.

This is an introductory day in the beautiful environment of Combins.

Day 2: Louvie / Prafleuri

  • 6 hours

  • 900 m + / 500 m –

From the lake we’ll reach the Louvie Pass. The terrain and scenery are more and more alpine and wild.

From the Pass, we will traverse to the Prafleuri Pass, the highest point of the hike (2987 m). Then comes a steep descent and a short climb to the Prafleuri Hut. This alpine stage is always accompanied by the Combins and Rosablanche massifs that some habitual visitors of Verbier may know already from their winter hikes.

Day 3: Prafleuri / Arolla

  • 6 hours

  • 700 m + / 1400 m –

This day starts with a short climb to the Roux Pass. From there, the trail joins the Dix Lake which we’ll traverse to the Chat Pass. From there, we’ll cross through the Riedmatten Pass before starting the long but pleasant descent to Arolla.

Much of the stage follows the reverse route of the famous Patrouille of the Zermatt-Verbier Glaciers. Imposing summits and glaciers gradually give way to alpine pastures.

Overnight at a historical and comfortable hotel to regain strength for the longest stage of the trip!

Day 4: Arolla / Zinal (The cable car of Sorbois)

  • From 7:30 to 9 hours

  • 1800 m + / from 1000 to 1800 m –

To shorten a long stage, we’ll organize a transfer between Arolla and Sage, a little town located on Haudères. During the day we will have incredible views of the surroundings summits: Dent Blanche, Zinalrothorn, Weisshorn

A beautiful first ascent lead us to Tsaté Pass, and then we’ll descend to Moiry lake with its turquoise waters. We’ll follow this beautiful lake to its roadblock where we’ll start our second climb of the day to the Sorbois Pass. From there, we’ll take the cable car of Sorbois, that will take us to the day destination.

Day 5: Zinal / Gruben

  • 7 hours

  • 1200 m + / 1050 m –

The day starts with a long hike that will allow us to reach a beautiful and remote valley, Tourtemagne valley, inaccessible in winter. The Forcletta Pass is the path key. Once again, the incredible summits will accompany us throughout our trip.


Day 6: Gruben / ST Niklaus (Jungu)

  • 6 hours

  • 1150 m + / 1000 m –

The day starts with a pleasant hike to rejoin the Augstbordpass Pass. Then, we’ll follow the Augstbord lunar valley to Jungu where a cable car will take us to St Niklaus.

The Dômes de Mischabel, Liskamm, Breithorn and even the Bishorn dominate the valley.

The next two stages cover a large part of the Europaweg and will only be possible under good conditions.

If it’s not the case, they will be replaced by a train trip to Zermatt or by a less aerial route. In the summer of 2015, a part of the path was closed for hiking and a variant was proposed.

Whatever you choose, the days will be punctuated by the views of the high summits of Weisshorn, Matterhorn and Zinalrothorn.

Day 7: St Niklaus / Europahutte

  • 7 h 30 min.

  • 1800 m + / 700 m –

This is another important day. First we’ll climb the slopes to Europaweg, and then we’ll follow to Europahutte.

The sceneries are incredible and well worth the trip!

Day 8: Europahutte / Zermatt

  • 7 hours

  • 350 m + / 1000 m –

This last day has some hikes and a traverse across the footpath sometimes with chains, bridges, tunnels… We must enjoy the last spectacular viewpoints before we descend to Zermatt and the civilization!

Return on Verbier will be by train, cable cars or the Chable bus.




Hotel and mountain huts

About the guide

I am a certified hiking leader and I live in Verbier. My passion is the mountain and all activities related to it. I specially like all kind of tours: Tour du Val de Bagnes, Tour des Dents du Midi, Tour du Bec de Rosses, Tour des Combins, Tour du Mont Blanc, etc… I also like the one-day trips to discover magical places such as the Réchy Valley, Derborence or marsh of Champex.
Active in mountain ski and trail, I also propose you to discover the trail and recognition courses: Trail of Verbier Saint Bernard, Trail of Dents du Midi, OCC, Trail of Pierre A. Voir, and others too. The training is associated to an approach to the nature and environment.
And of course our english speaking friends are more than welcome! Walking, trail running, snowshoeing? I organise everything for you. Day tours or over several days. Feel free to contact me!


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What people are saying about Sarah Kleinknecht



August, 2015

Super randonnée en famille avec Sarah, une accompagnatrice extra, ayant mille tours dans son sac pour motiver et amuser les plus jeunes. En plus de l’excellente ambiance, nous avons eu la chance de voir des paysages magnifiques sur le Valais. Et puis quel plaisir de passer une nuit en refuge avec ses enfants. Merci Sarah, nous reviendrons !




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