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Mt Rainier 6-day Camp Muir seminar

Mt Rainier 6-day Camp Muir seminar

One of our AMGA-certified guides from our team wants to take on this 6-day Camp Muir seminar on Mt Rainier (14,410 ft/ 4,392 m) in Seattle, Washington!

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Cascade Range

6 Days

May, Jun, Sep




Join us on this amazing 6-day mountaineering seminar while climbing  Mt. Rainier’s classic route!

Mount Rainier (14,410 ft/ 4,392 m), is the highest peak of the Cascade Range and stands as an icon in the Washington landscape. This active volcano will be the perfect place to have your first experience as a mountain climber!

Our seminar will start with a Technical Training Day during which climbers will be provided with an introduction to several mountaineering topics, like basic travel techniques and safety practices. On our second day we will hike from Paradise (5,400 ft – 1645 mt) to Camp Muir (10, 060 ft – 3066 mt) where we will stay for the next couple of days.Throughout the week, climbers will be spending their days on nearby glaciers and learning essential mountaineering skills such as steep technical ice climbing, ice axe use and several other technical skills. On our fifth day, we will be ready for our summit attack!

After we put on our helmets, ropes, crampons and grab our ice axes, we will start the expedition and start climbing across the Cowlitz Glacier, from where we will ascend to Cathedral Gap. From here, we will ascend either the Ingraham Glacier or Disappointment Cleaver routes.

At 14,410 ft (4,392 m), the spectacular panoramic view that can be seen from the peak of Mt Rainier will make this experience unforgettable. From the highest point in Washington State you will be able to see all the way from the Pacific to the eastern side of the Cascades!

Although there are no technical climbing prerequisites to join the program, it’s really important that all climbers are in great physical condition.

So if you are ready for this adventure, just send us a message and let´s get started!

Interested in this trip? Send us a request and we’ll do our best to find a certified guide or agency who is authorized to guide in the area and who is available during your dates.

Price includes

- Guiding fee


Day 1: Technical Training Day

8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.:

Meet at 8:00 a.m. at Rainier BaseCamp in Ashford, WA. Please dress casually and bring your climbing equipment and clothing.

We begin our Technical Training Day with a welcome and introduction of team members and guides. Throughout the day, the guides provide a focused introduction to a variety of topics. These include a detailed equipment discussion and gear check; an introduction to safety practices such as use of helmets, harnesses, and avalanche transceivers; route planning and preparation, instruction regarding Leave No Trace practices and environmental considerations; and a discussion/demonstration of knots, anchors and the first steps toward understanding crevasse rescue. These skills prepare us for our adventure on Mt. Rainier and increase the likelihood of a safe, successful ascent of the mountain.

Please make your own arrangements for the day’s meals and a place to stay in the Ashford area for this evening.

Day 2: Climb to Camp Muir

Meet at 8:15 a.m. at Rainier BaseCamp. After a short team meeting, a shuttle takes our group to the trailhead at Paradise.

The hike from Paradise (5,400′) to Camp Muir (10,060′) is nearly 4.5 miles, and takes most of the day. As we ascend we work on the foundational skills that make us more efficient and capable climbers. These include pressure breathing and using the rest step, dressing appropriately for the weather and workload, kicking steps and climbing in balance on snow, and efficient pacing that allows us to climb comfortably.

By late afternoon we reach the small mountain hut at Camp Muir that serves as our base for the week. It rests at the edge of several of Mt. Rainier’s glaciers. Views of the Cowlitz, Ingraham, Nisqually and Paradise glaciers are inspiring, and the setting is unmatched as an instructional arena. During the evenings we can forget about the wind, wet and cold, and enjoy the basic comforts of the hut.

Day 3 to 5: Training and SUMMIT DAY!

We learn and practice various mountaineering skills throughout the week. This starts with ice axe use and cramponing techniques, and moves on to more advanced skills such as anchor placements, various self and team crevasse rescue techniques, steep technical ice climbing, belays, rappelling, knots, route finding and fixed rope travel. Evening discussions include such topics as mountain weather, medicine for mountaineering, altitude wellness, equipment and any requested topics that spark your interest. Some of our itinerary is determined by such factors as the weather and route conditions, but much of it is chosen in consideration of climbers’ interests. We intentionally keep the itinerary flexible and guarantee you that there is far more to teach than there is time to teach it!On summit day we don ropes, crampons, helmets, and grab our ice axes. The route begins with a rising traverse across the Cowlitz Glacier and ascends the pumiced switchbacks of Cathedral Gap. From here, we gain the Ingraham Glacier and ascend either the Ingraham Glacier or Disappointment Cleaver routes; the actual route choice is determined by many factors and is left to the professional discretion of your guides. The steeper section of the Ingraham Headwall or Disappointment Cleaver is the physical crux of the route. After reaching the upper mountain, we ascend the higher slopes of Mt. Rainier, navigating the crevassed glaciers to reach the summit.

At 14,410′, Mt. Rainier is the highest point in Washington. The summit is spectacular with panoramic views from the Pacific to the eastern side of the Cascades when the weather is clear. A large crater dominates the summit, with steam rising out of the cavernous summit vents and the bare ground near the summit is often warm to the touch.

After reaching the summit, we descend back to Camp Muir. The descent typically requires half the amount of time of the ascent but requires significant effort as we retrace our route down the mountain. The duration of the climb depends on many variables including snow conditions, the time of the year, the route conditions, the weather, and temperature among others. It is a long and challenging, but rewarding day!

Day 6: Descent

On the final day of the program we have the option for additional training before we pack our gear and begin our descent to Paradise and return to Rainier BaseCamp in Ashford. After all the gear is unpacked, we gather as a team to celebrate our adventure.

The duration of the climb depends on many variables including snow conditions, the time of year, the route conditions, the weather during our climb, the temperature, etc. Those variables often affect our arrival time to Ashford, which might vary dramatically from climb to climb. For this reason we do not recommend scheduling an airline flight before midnight on the last day of your program.


About the guide

One of our certified guides will take you skiing and climbing to some of the best spots in North America. In the USA we offer trips in California, Colorado, Maine, Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Vermont. And in Canada, you'll find tours in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.



What people are saying about E-S Adventure Guides North America

Meg James


June, 2023

Can not review - guide cancelled but the trip was not to Perce Rock if we had gone - sadly.. tour was was what was advertised and destination was not where planned Ultimately the full day paddle was canceled by the guide company Effort was there and communication was good! Just booked what I wanted and was not what the guide could offer …

Shawn Linio


March, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Bill Mullins


December, 2022

The guide was super kind friendly and helpful and we had a great time

thilo riegel


August, 2022

Ended up booking a one-night-and-one-day hike summiting Mt Shasta because Mt Rainier was booked out.

Chris King


August, 2022

Our guide Adrian was outstanding. Great trip, great guide. My son and I loved it- I would highly recommend the experience.

Nico Dekker


August, 2022

Very good guide and fantastic climbing experience.

Eglė Audronytė


August, 2022

I really loved it. Intro to rock climbing was an amazing experience. Explore-share team were so helpful in the process. The trip that I chose in the first place was not available and they managed to find alternatives and offer me the best possible solution in that situation. In the end I had a wonderful day and could not be happier!

Mitchell Johnson


June, 2022

Worth every minute! Would highly recommend!!

Paul Panelli


June, 2022

Our guide Lizzie was THE BEST. Highly recommend her for other groups.

Phillip Lolonis


March, 2022

Guide cancelled within 48 hrs and I was unable to find someone else and so far I’ve not been refunded. Put a small dent in my otherwise great trip to Revelstoke.

Peggy Meyer


March, 2022

Will was great wise and fun to spend the day with.

Lexi Brandon


February, 2022

It would have been helpful to know it was suppose to be a Matterhorn prep course. The goals of the group were a little different.

Lucie Laurendeau


February, 2022

All perfect

douglas lord


January, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Anthony Stanzi


January, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.


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