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Rock climbing at Penitentiary Hollow (Mineral Wells State Park), near Dallas

Penitentiary Hollow

Come and enjoy a full day of fantastic rock climbing at Penitentiary Hollow in the Mineral Wells State Park, near Dallas, Texas, with one of our certified guides.


1 Day

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  • Come and enjoy a full day of great rock climbing at Penitentiary Hollow.
  • Enjoy the wonderful views of the Mineral Wells State Park, near Dallas.
  • Great top climbing opportunities that are perfect for newer climbers.


Are you looking for a trip that will provide you with great exercise, as well as some fresh air and wonderful views? Then outdoor rock climbing is for you. And on this full day trip, we would like to guide you on a rock climbing adventure at Penitentiary Hollow in the Mineral Wells State Park.

Penitentiary Hollow is only 1.5 hours away from the wonderful northern Texan city of Dallas. So, if you’re planning a trip to Dallas, this climbing excursion is a great addition to your visit. Furthermore, for people who love the outdoors, the Mineral Wells State Park is full of fantastic views and sites that you can enjoy before, during and after this climbing trip.

The type of climbing that will be focused on during this full day trip is top climbing. Top climbing involves participants being strapped into harnesses and joined to a rope that runs from a belayer at the start of the climbing route to an anchor at the top of the rock. Top climbing is both easy and extremely safe. Thus making it perfect for newer outdoor rock climbers.

While you don’t require much experience to enjoy this trip, it is important that participants are in good physical condition.

If you’re new to climbing, want to enjoy a great spot and are visiting Dallas, come join us at Penitentiary Hollow. All you have to do is send us a request. We know you’ll have an amazing time.

Are you a more experienced climber looking for a challenging climbing area? Then join us on this 2-day climbing adventure in the Wichita Mountains, also near Dallas.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Permit and entrance fees

- Rope

- Harness

- Helmet

- Climbing shoes

- Belay and rappel devices

- Quickdraws

Price details

Gear Included: Helmets, climbing shoes, harnesses, and ropes.



There are several comfortable accommodation options in Dallas that we would be happy to recommend to you.

Meeting point

Mineral Wells State Park

About the guide

One of our certified guides will take you skiing and climbing to some of the best spots in North America. In the USA we offer trips in California, Colorado, Maine, Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, Washington, Montana, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Vermont. And in Canada, you'll find tours in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia.



What people are saying about E-S Adventure Guides North America

Meg James


June, 2023

Can not review - guide cancelled but the trip was not to Perce Rock if we had gone - sadly.. tour was was what was advertised and destination was not where planned Ultimately the full day paddle was canceled by the guide company Effort was there and communication was good! Just booked what I wanted and was not what the guide could offer …

Shawn Linio


March, 2023

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Bill Mullins


December, 2022

The guide was super kind friendly and helpful and we had a great time

thilo riegel


August, 2022

Ended up booking a one-night-and-one-day hike summiting Mt Shasta because Mt Rainier was booked out.

Chris King


August, 2022

Our guide Adrian was outstanding. Great trip, great guide. My son and I loved it- I would highly recommend the experience.

Nico Dekker


August, 2022

Very good guide and fantastic climbing experience.

Eglė Audronytė


August, 2022

I really loved it. Intro to rock climbing was an amazing experience. Explore-share team were so helpful in the process. The trip that I chose in the first place was not available and they managed to find alternatives and offer me the best possible solution in that situation. In the end I had a wonderful day and could not be happier!

Mitchell Johnson


June, 2022

Worth every minute! Would highly recommend!!

Paul Panelli


June, 2022

Our guide Lizzie was THE BEST. Highly recommend her for other groups.

Phillip Lolonis


March, 2022

Guide cancelled within 48 hrs and I was unable to find someone else and so far I’ve not been refunded. Put a small dent in my otherwise great trip to Revelstoke.

Peggy Meyer


March, 2022

Will was great wise and fun to spend the day with.

Lexi Brandon


February, 2022

It would have been helpful to know it was suppose to be a Matterhorn prep course. The goals of the group were a little different.

Lucie Laurendeau


February, 2022

All perfect

douglas lord


January, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Anthony Stanzi


January, 2022

The traveller did not leave a comment.



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