Rock Climbing in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as one of the wildest cities on earth, and its surrounding vast natural scenery is truly breathtaking and epic. Rock climbing is an exciting way to explore the impressive landscapes of Nevada!

Las Vegas is a place that never sleeps, with its wild reputation and party vibe attracting millions of visitors from around the globe each year. The massive canyons and deserts that surround the city are huge, desolate areas full of awe-inspiring landscape, scenery and terrain. The rock climbing trips on offer in these surrounds are truly sensational, as the massive red rock formations and desert terrain re-enforce the sheer size and scale of the environment. Take a pick from our selection of rock climbing trips in Las Vegas – it is definitely worth the gamble!

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The Nevada desert outside Las Vegas is a massive, remote, and isolated place, with unbelievably large canyons and valleys puncturing the seemingly endless red dust plains. It is hard to overstate how epic it all is, with rock climbing trips only able to cover a fraction of the region.


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How to get there


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Warm all-year-round, with extreme heat in Summer

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September-May, to avoid the extremely hot temperatures of Summer

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Some of the rock climbing can be challenging, so being in decent shape beforehand will increase your enjoyment of the activity. Temperatures in Nevada can reach extremely hot levels, so pack and wear appropriate clothing to help you cool down.  


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