Sarek National Park (Sweden) 9-day guided trek


Discover a wild and remote place with one of our expert guides. Explore the Sarek National Park, one of Sweden’s most fantastic places.


9 Days

May, Jun, Jul, Aug




  • Reach one of the most beautiful places in Sweden
  • Learn about the local biodiversity with an expert guide
  • Explore one of the most wild and remote places on Earth


Leave behind the crowds and loud noises of the cities, and venture into the wild. The Sarek National Park in Sweden, often described as Europe’s Last Wilderness spot, is a true paradise for those looking to reconnect with nature. So, don’t hesitate, pick up your backpack and join us on this fantastic adventure!

This true Eden, is one of Sweden’s most beautiful spots. Located in the north part of the country, it features virgin places and unmarked paths, where we’ll find nobody, and nothing but nature, dazzling valleys and magnificent mountains.

What’s more, the route we’ll follow, is the perfect way to really get to know this mesmerizing place. As it showcases the diversity of Sarek, with a combination of dream-like elements. For instance, we’ll get to explore the Rapa Valley, or Rapadalen, with vegetation similar to the one in the rainforest. And, we’ll get the best views of the Sarek mountain range, alongside stunning sceneries of glaciers.

Moreover, each day will be its own adventure. The itinerary covers things from day excursions to mountain tours. Thus, you’ll get to practice on your mountaineering techniques, and learn other important things.

Some of the things we’ll go over are:

  • Evaluate the condition of the glaciers

  • Assess the snow and weather

  • How to find the perfect spot to pitch camp

Even though Sarek is a challenging place, our experienced guides will make sure you are safe the whole time. So, there’s nothing to worry about but to have an amazing time.

If you are up for this unique adventure, request to book this trip. And one of our local guides will make sure you have an unforgettable trip.

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