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12-day Trek through the Sarek National Park in northern Sweden (Lapland)

Sarek National Park
Sarek National Park
Sarek National Park
Sarek National Park

Your UIMLA-certified guide, Ramon Dies Miracle, will lead you on this astonishing and fascinating 12-day trek through the Sarek National Park in Northern Sweden (Lapland), a true isolated and wild frontier in the Arctic Circle with otherworldly scenery, flora and fauna.


12 Days





* Hike through the wild frontier of Sarek National Park!

* Explore this relatively untouched, pristine and isolated area of Sweden

* Witness truly spectacular views out over the valleys, waterways and plains

* See animals such as wolves, moose, reindeer and bears


I will guide you on this truly splendid and spectacular 12-day trek through the Sarek National Park in Northern Sweden (Lapland), as we traipse and travail through vast valleys, massive peaks, gorgeous waterways and mesmerizing glaciers, all containing rich and vivacious colours, with the result being landscape, scenery and terrain that looks like another planet.

Sarek National Park is located in the far North of Sweden, in the Arctic Circle, and is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. It has become a popular spot for hikers and climbers due to its remote, isolated, and relatively inaccessible nature, and it is also home to many animal species such as bears, wolves, wolverines, moose and reindeer.

We meet on the first day at Stockholm Airport, and from there we head up to the Lapland town of Gallivare via train.

The main part of the trip entails 8 days of trekking, from Ritsem to Saltoluokta, through the national park, camping each night.

The scenery that we will come across is beautiful and exquisite, with some of the valleys and plains seemingly stretching on forever, the 2000m+ peaks looming large above, and the thick and lush vegetation thriving due to the untouched and pristine nature of the region.

You will constantly be reaching for your camera to capture these idyllic, tranquil and peaceful areas.

There is also potential to encounter the local indigenous people, The Sami People, who have lived in the region for thousands of years.

We finish the trip in Saltoluokta, before heading onwards to Stockholm via Gallivare, weary and content at having had the pleasure to trek through an absolutely gorgeous part of Sweden.

This is a unique and interesting opportunity to explore this relatively untouched part of the world ‚Äď book now to experience!

Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Transportation start and back

- Transport during the trip

Price details

Price does not include: flights, insurance, food and drink, personal equipment.


Day 1: Meet

Flight to Stockholm. We will be arriving and gathering at Stockholm in the early
afternoon. At the end of the afternoon we will take the night train to Gällivare. We will sleep in
the night train.

Day 2: Gallivare

(1,5 km) Early in the morning we will arrive in Gällivare by train. In Gällivare we will
take the bus to Ritsem where we will arrive early in the afternoon. In Ritsem we will catch the
ferry across the lake √Āhkk√°jaure). With good weather we will have a nice view at the
impressive glaciers of the north face of the √Āhkk√° (2015m). We will spend the night in
√Āhkk√°stugan (STF-cabin).

Day 3: Sarek National Park

(16 km) We are leaving the √Ākk√°stugan and will follow the Padjelantaleden, which
goes up and down trough the forest. Perhaps we will spot some snow grouses in the bushes.
At last we will arrive at the STF-cabin Kiskurisstugan. We officially enter Sarek National Park
just after leaving this cabin. Slowly we will ascent into the valley to make camp, where we will
sleep in our tents for the first time this trekking.

Day 4: Sarek National Park

(17,5 km) After waking up in the great outdoors, we will strike camp and move further
on. When the weather is clear we can see the south face of the √Āhkk√° on our left hand.
Straight ahead we can see the snowy steep cliffs of the 1922 meters high Nij√°k. We will rise
to a height of more than 900 meters. On a clear day we can enjoy a beautiful view of U-
shaped valleys carved by glaciers. Beyond the highest point of this valley we will make

Day 5: Sarek National Park

(17 km) Today is one of the most beautiful days of this trip. Both on the left and on
the right hand rough, black vertical walls and/or white glaciers flank us. Impressed by this we
pass the highest mountain of Sarek on the left hand (Sarekjåhkkå, 2089 m). Maybe we will
spot herds of reindeer. We are at last in the land of the Sami. The Sami are originally
nomadic people who have lived here for many centuries. The Sami live traditionally as
nomads who follow reindeer herds in their annual food migration. The reindeer deliver the
milk, meat and skins together. They also serve as a draft animal. After crossing the
Tj√•gn√•risj√•g√•sj, known as the most exiting river crossing of Sarek. We ‚Äėll pitch up our tents
and stay the night.

Day 6: Sarek National Park

(15,5 km) We will start early in the morning with a relatively steep ascent and we will
rise to a height of 1025 meters, this is the highest point of our trekking. After a steep descent
we are going to encounter the first bushes and following a current of a small stream, the
beginning of Rapadalen. Further away it forms the largest river of Sarek. Our camp will be on
a beautiful spot surrounded by steep walls shaped by ancient glaciers.

Day 7: Sarek National Park

After waking up and breakfast we will break up our tents, surrounded by
steep walls in the north and in the south. We will pack the equipment in our backpack and
move further on in an artic landscape, rich in biodiversity, such as the moose, wolverine, lynx
and fox. One of the largest populations of brown bears in Europe is living here in Rapadalen,
but they are very shy and non-aggressive. We will proceed along the valley and now the
environment begins to change. Slowly we descend and the valley grows wider and the forest
of small birch is getting bigger and larger. Today we will just like yesterday be treated on
seeing beautiful rock walls and glaciers on either side of us. Night in tent.

Day 8: Sarek National Park

(15 km) We abandon Sarek N.P. and catch a boat transport to Aktse. We are now on
the well-marked Kungsleden and will pass a cabin with a small shop. We enter into forest
and go up and pass the treeline, where we can have splendid views across the surrounding

lakes and mountains. After a steep climb of nearly 450 meters we will finally reach a gentle
descend to a lake. On shore we will make camp.

Day 9: Spare Day

Spare day.

Day 10: Sarek National Park

(19 km) The last day of hiking between the mountains and through the forest. We
are going up and down and just before Saltoluokta we will encounter a steep descend before
we have sight of the cabins. Once back in the civilisation we can enjoy the use of a shower,
sauna, bar, Wi-Fi, and an excellent restaurant. Night in STF-Fjallstation Saltoluokta.

Day 11: Leave National Park

In the morning we will leave Saltoluokta and cross the lake by ferry and go by bus to
Gällivare to catch the nighttrain to Stockholm. We will sleep in the nighttrain and can buy
simple refreshments on board (most of the time).

Day 12: Finish

We will leave the train at Stockholm airport and catch the flight home.

End of program.



More info

We make the trip in a north ‚Äď south direction, the advantage is that we have the sun on the face during the day and the cold north wind on the back. The last 2 days we have to go north on the famous Kungsleden. Saltoluokta is a good place to end the walk.

Meeting point

Stockholm Airport, Sweden

About the guide

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Mountain Leader

My father and grandfather taught me to love the mountains from a very young age. At 12, I did my first rappel... down the wall of the village church (the priest wasn't there). That's where it all started...

I'm passionate about nature, climbing, mountaineering and ski touring and have been calling the Lleida Pyrenees home for as long as I can remember.

WHAT DEFINES ME: Responsibility, discipline, gratitude, passion, respect

As a UIMLA-mountain leader, I have led trips and expeditions in America (Peru, US and Canada), the Alps, the High Atlas and even Ladakh (Indian Himalaya) and Yamalia (Russian Arctic). Since 2014, I am in charge of snow and avalanche training at ACNA (Asociación Conocimiento Nieves y Aludes).

I am also an accredited canyoning, via ferrata and kayak guide and Wilderness guide Level 2 in Arctic/Polar regions.

For me, guiding is not work: it is my passion. Each trip and expedition provides a new chance to discover and share what surrounds us. Respect for the environment, nature and local culture are at the basis of my philosophy of life, which I try to share with joy.


Russian | English | Catalan



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What people are saying about Ramon



I had such a fantastic adventure. The scenery was gorgeous and we were the only ones in the park. Ramon was a pleasure and this excursion was everything that I hoped it would be.



Ramon is a fabulous guide. We had an amazing trip, thanks to Ramon's expertise and his ability to customize the trip to our goals, needs, and skills. I highly recommend him. Thank you, Ramon!



Ramon dies Miracle is an exceptional guide. Very knowledgable and gave a mixed family group of ages and abilities an unforgettable hike.ūüĎć



I made the trip with a friend. Ramon is a knowledgable guide, he supported us in every way possible before and during the hike. We were not only dazzled by the breathtaking views but also what we learned about biodiversity was a bonus. We loved this 3-day trip! Thanks Ramon!



Ramon is very experienced and a wonderful trek leader. I enjoyed my hike in the Montserrat Natural Park!

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