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6-day Sierra de Guadarrama hiking tour in Madrid

Guadarrama Madrid
Guadarrama Madrid
6-day Sierra de Guadarrama hiking tour in Madrid

Discover the most amazing spots on this 6-day hiking tour in Sierra de Guadarrama, Madrid, along with Pedro, an AEGM certified mountain guide.

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Iberian System

6 Days

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Experience Madrid in a different way and discover the peace of Sierra de Guadarrama on this hiking tour. Away from the big city, we will walk across the most wonderful spots, enjoying the culture and landscapes of the area. 

The Sierra de Guadarrama is a mountain range of the Central Iberian System. It’s located in the Guadarrama National Park, the fifth largest national park in Spain. This park also covers the areas of Madrid and Segovia and it is full of incredible lakes, woods and mountain peaks. A perfect place for a 6-day walking adventure!

Another important point of our tour will be the Sierra de Gredos, a mountain range also located in the Central System. It includes five valleys and it’s inside the Sierra de Gredos Regional Park. Here you will be able to enjoy water trekking. Really exciting!

At night we will stay at the Torreón de Navacerrada, a small and charming hotel located in Navacerrada, Madrid.

If you join me on this great hike you will also discover other popular places of the area, such as El Escorial, the New Castle of Manzanares el Real and the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso. Besides, we’ll walk through the mounts of Velloso (1,965 meters) and Abantos (1,763 meters) as well as the fantastic La Pedriza.

So, are you ready for this incredible and unique hiking adventure in Sierra de Guadarrama? Book your trip now! You won’t be disappointed.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Accommodation included

- Transport during the trip

- Personal insurance

Price details

Not included: transport to the start of the trip


Day 1: Navacerrada

Our starting point will be the Nuevos Ministerios Station in Madrid at 19.00 hs. After 45 minutes we will reach the Hotel and have dinner.

Day 2: Siete Picos and San Ildefondo

From the Puerto de Navacerrada (1,858 meters), we will ascend through an old ski resort to the Siete Picos meadow and then start the climbing to the mountain (2,138 meters). From this point, we will border the rest of the peaks until we reach the Ventoso hill. There we will take de Camino Smith and return.

  • Ascent: 390 meters.

  • Descent: 390 meters.

  • Distance: 8 kilometers.

After the tour, we will visit the Granja de San Ildefonso, near Segovia.

Day 3: Mount Abantos and El Escorial

We will ascend the Mount Abantos from where we can admire the monastery.

  • Ascent: 550 meters.

  • Descent: 550 meters.

  • Distance: 8 kilometers.

After that, we will visit the Escorial monastery, a beautiful monument constructed by Philip II in the XVI century.

Day 4: Water trekking in Sierra de Gredos

On our fourth day, we will enjoy some water trekking in the Sierra de Gredos. We will walk from Jerte to the Garganta de los Papuos and we will discover nature in a different way.

  • Ascent: 250 meters.

  • Descent: 250 meters.

  • Distance: 3 kilometers.

Day 5: La Pedriza de Manzanares and Mendoza Castle

We will go to the Dehesa mountain pass (1,453 meters) and through the Maeso trail we will reach the Yelmo summit (1,719 meters). We will admire part of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares Regional Park and descend through the Barranco de los Muertos.

  • Ascent: 750 meters.

  • Descent: 750 meters

  • Distance: 12 kilometers.

If we have some extra time, we will visit the Manzanares Castle. We will return to the hotel and have a goodbye party.

Day 6: Madrid

We will enjoy Madrid City in a different way. We will walk through some of the best parks and gardens. Finally, we will share a meal and say goodbye.




Torreón de Navacerrada Hotel

Meeting point


About the guide

I've been a guide for 15 years, travelling around mountains all over the world guiding and participating in expeditions.

I like guiding trekking and hiking, and I am also canyoning guide and specialist. Nowadays I teach in Madrid's guiding school.

Some of my favourites trips are Tour del Mont Blanc, Senda Camille (Pyrenees), Tour del Cervino, Tour del Monte Rosa and Tour del Aneto.


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What people are saying about Pedro Gonzalez del Tanago

Yuval Barel


September, 2021

Was very good carlos was excellent guide

Folkert Haak


August, 2021

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Raquel Cerrato


April, 2019

Pedro was so knowledgeable about the area, and graciously answered all our questions, even those unrelated to the hike. He was very kind in picking us up from Madrid for a small fee. He also took a bunch of photos of my husband and I during the trek, which I really appreciated since those are our only pictures together from our trip to Spain. I'd definitely recommend Pedro to anyone traveling to Madrid and interested in experiencing nature outside the city.


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