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Ski mountaineering on 9 x 4,000m peaks on Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso (6 days)

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Join Philipp, a UIAGM certified guide, for a 6 day ski mountaineering adventure that will take you to 9 different, 4,000 meter plus summits on Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso in the Italian Alps.



6 Days

Apr, May




* Spend 6 days ski mountaineering to 9 amazing summits in the Monte Rosa Massif.

* Spend your nights in different huts, including the famous Margherita hut.

* Enjoy spectacular views and thrilling descents throughout the trip.


For 6 amazing days, I would like to guide you on a ski mountaineering expedition to no less than 9 incredible summits in the Italian Alps on the Monte Rosa Massif!

Beginning in Gressoney, our adventure will take you to several different summits each day of the 6 day trip. And all of those summits are part of the Alps’ 82, 4,000 meter plus peaks.

The summits you will be scaling include the Vincent Pyramid (4,215m), the Punta Giordani (4,046m), Ludwigshohe (4,341m), Parrot Peak (4,432m) and Blackhorn (4,321m). You will also be scaling the Balmenhorn (4,167m), Signal Group (4,554m), Zumstein peak (4,563m) and the famed Gran Paradiso (4,061m).

Each one of the peaks you will be climbing on this trip offers their own set of unbelievable views. They also offer some incredible descents as well, which you will get to enjoy to your hearts content.

During this trip, you will be staying in several high altitude mountain huts. Those huts include the Gnifetti hut, the Mantova hut and the renowned Margherita hut, which is the highest hut in all of Europe. Each hut, like the peaks you will be enjoying, offer spectacular views, along with a comfortable place to relax and rest. Hence preparing for the following day’s adventure.

To participate on this trip, you should be in good physical condition. You should also have prior ski mountaineering experience as well.

To scale 9 peaks in 6 days, on skis, is the kind of experience you will never forget. To enjoy it for yourself, just send me a request.

I can also take you on a 5-day ski mountaineering trip around Saas-Fee, in the Swiss Alps.


Day 1: Stafal - Mantova Hut (3,400m)

We will meet at Gressoney at 10:00 am. From there, we will have a briefing and then take a cable ride to Punta Indern and finally make our way to the Mantova hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 2: Mantova Hut - Punta Giordani (4046m) - Gnifetti Hut

After making our way to the summit of Punta Giordani, we will then proceed to the Gnifetti hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 3: Gnifettihütte - Vincent Pyramid (4215m) - Balmenhorn (4167m) - Blackhorn (4321m) - Gnifettihütte

Today we will depart the Gnifetti hut and make our way to the summits of 3 magnificent peaks. Those peaks are the Vincent Pyramid, Balmenhorn and Blackhorn. Afterwards, we will return to the hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 4: Gnifettihütte - Ludwigshöhe (4341m) - Parrotspitze (4432m) - Signalkuppe (4554m) / Margherita Hut

Today, we will reach several more summits, including Ludwigshohe, Parrotspitze and Signalkuppe before making our way to the wonderful Margherita hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 5: Margherita Hut - Zumsteinspitze 4563m - Stafal - Pont - Rif. Renato Chabot

After departing the Margherita hut, we will make our way to the summit of  the Zumsteinspitze peak before descending down to Pont and then we will climb to the Renato Chabot refuge, where we will spend the night.

Day 6: Rif. Renato Chabod - Gran Paradiso (4061m) - Pont

After leaving the Renato Chabot refuge, we will make our way to the final summit of the trip: The Gran Paradiso. Afterwards, we will  make our way back down to Pont.


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