Ski mountaineering week in the Bernese Oberland, 7 x 4,000m peaks

Join UIAGM certified guide Philipp for an 8 day ski mountaineering adventure in the beautiful Bernese Oberland of Switzerland that will take you to no less than 7 amazing 4,000 meter plus summits.

8 days
Apr, May


  • Enjoy 8 amazing days of ski mountaineering in the Bernese Oberland.

  • Scale and descend from no less than 7 amazing summits.

  • Marvel at the beautiful views from each summit.


An unforgettable adventure, this 8-day ski mountaineering expedition will take you to 7 different summits in the Alps of the Bernese Oberland.

A definite highlight of the Swiss Alps, the Bernese Oberland is absolutely stunning. The views, like the descents, are nothing short of amazing.

Beginning in Grindelwald, this trip will take you to the following summits: Virgin (4,158m), Monch (4,107m), Gross Fiescherhorn (4,049m), Behind Fiescherhorn (4,025m), Gross Greenhorn (4,044m), Finsteraahorn (4,274m) and Aletschhorn (4,193m). You will also get to admire the amazing Aletsch glacier at the end of this magnificent trip as well.

We will be staying in several mountain huts during this expedition. Each hut, which includes the Kondoria hut and several others, will provide you with the perfect place to recuperate and rest. Moreover, the evening views of the night sky above from the alpine huts are incredible.

Due to the length and arduous nature of this trip, it is important that participants are in good physical condition. You should also have prior ski mountaineering experience as well.

By the end of this trip you will doubtlessly be exhausted. However, the memories of the views, descents and overall experience will make that exhaustion well worth it. If you would like to join me on this 8-day adventure in the Bernese Oberland, all you have to do is send me a request. I look forward to guiding you.

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Day 1: Grindelwald

We will meet at Grindelwald at 6:00 pm. Afterwards ,we will have a briefing and spend the night in a comfortable guesthouse.

Day 2: Grindelwald - Jungfraujoch - Mönch (4107m) - Mönchsjochhütte (3627m)

Today, we will ascent from the Jungfrau Railway to the summit of Monch. Afterwards, we will go to the Monchjochhutte, where we will spend the night.

Day 3: Mönchsjochhütte - Jungfrau (4158m) - Konkordiahütte (2850m)

Today, we will climb to the summit of Jungfrau. Afterwards, we will go to the Konkordia hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 4: Konkordiahütte - Gross Fiescherhorn (4049m) - Behind Fiescherhorn (4025m) - Finsteraahornhütte (3048m)

On the fourth day of the trip, we will ski tour to the Fieschersattel. From there, by foot, we will make our way to the summits of Gross Fiescherhorn and behind Fiescherhorn before going to the Finsteraahornhutte for teh night.

Day 5: Finsteraahornhütte - Finsteraahorn (4273m) - Finsteraahornhütte - Grünhornlücke (3280m) - Konkordia Hut (2850m)

Today, we will climb over the steep glacier to the summit of the Finsteraahorn. After that, we will go to the Konkordia hut, where we will spend the night.

Day 6: Konkordiahütte - Gross Grünhorn (4043m) - Konkordiahütte

Today, we will ski tour as far as we can, before reaching the summit of Gross Grunhorn by foot. After the summit, we will go back to the Konkordia hut for the night.

Day 7: Konkordiahütte - Mittelaletschbiwak (3013m)

Today, we will leave the Aletsch glacier and climb to the Mittelaletschbiwak.

Day 8: Mittelaletschbiwak - Aletschhorn (4193m)

On the final day of the trip, we will climb to the summit of Aletschhorn before descending to the Aletsch glacier and taking a train back to Grindelwald.



Guesthouse in Grindelwald, Monchjochutte, Konkordiahutte, Finsteraahornhütte, Konkordiahutte and the Mittelaletschbiwak.

Meeting point

Grindelwald at 6:00 pm.


About the guide

guide profile img

I'm a professional UIAGM mountain guide who works all over the world and has an addiction for traveling and working in many different places. I live in the southern part of Bavaria/Germany in a beautiful region called Allgäu. It's the perfect location to explore the Alps.

I work as a guide year-round and I love spending time with my clients in the mountains. Fulfilling their dreams and sharing beautiful moments together is what motivates me to do a great job every day.

I have spent a lot of time in the mountains since I was a kid. Mountaineering, climbing, ice climbing and running have always been a big part of my life and I hope to continue for many more years.

I was part of the German National Ski Mountaineering Team and have competed in all major global races, including Pierra Menta, PDG, Mezzalama, Tour du Rutor etc. I participated in many Worldcup races as well. This experience was very important for my guiding career in terms of motivation, knowledge and experience!

I guide my clients all over the world. I'll take you anywhere you want to go and we can reach a mountaineering goal together.

Please get in touch with me if you're interested in one of my programs or want to discuss a particular goal you have in the mountains. It will be a pleasure to make you an offer and discuss projects and plans for the future.

Hope to see YOU in the mountains.

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