trip duration TRIP DURATION
6 days
mountain range MOUNTAIN RANGE
Japan Alps
max people per fuide MAX PEOPLE PER GUIDE
4 people
trip level TRIP LEVEL
best period OFFER PERIOD
Mar, Apr
type of trip TYPE OF TRIP
Not specified


Ski the steep alpine terrain of the Hakuba backcountry in the Japan Alps and enjoy its famous hot springs afterwards!

Most winter visitors dream of skiing in the distant off-piste deep powder snow. Now, these less visited areas are accessible with a certified local mountain guide!

I will take you on a challenging 6-day ski tour in the alpine backcountry of the Hakuba Valley. The snow in this area is very deep and popular among backcountry skiers in late winter or early spring. Please take into account that this program is only offered from mid-March to early May (as the Renge hut opens in mid-March).

Renge Onsen and Nakanoyu Onsen

We’ll be staying at two different styles of Onsen accommodations. Renge Onsen, a mountain hut with an outdoor hot spring (‘onsen’) and Nakanoyu Onsen, a ryokan with onsen facilities.

Rest and relax at the end of your skiing day in these wonderful outdoor hot springs!

Renge Onsen is particularly special and unique as it is only open for 4-5 months in a year and only 1 month during winter.  March and April are not high seasons so you can explore and enjoy this area on your own with few other skiers! You can also bathe outside whilst enjoying the views of the surrounding snow covered peaks.

Besides, volcanic smoke is visible from the crater of Mt. Yake and it is amazing!

After skiing Mt. Yake, on the way to Nakanoyu Onsen we will walk through a long and dark tunnel with our head lights on. At the end of the tunnel, we will be picked up by the hotel transport. This is the only way to reach this destination!

This trip is a great chance to explore the heart and the wildness of the Japanese Alps.  Plus, you can relax and heal your body after skiing!

Would you like to join me on this amazing ski adventure in the remote Hakuba Valley? Please contact me, I’ll be happy to be your guide.

If you are planning to visit this area during summer or spring, you can take a look at this 3-day hiking traverse in Hakuba.


Day 1

Ski in Hakuba area

Meet at Hakuba at 8:00 am.  One day skiing day around Hakuba to warm up for your ski touring trip.

Day 2

Ski in Renge Onsen area

Over night at Renge Onsen

Day 3

Mt. Yukikura and North part of Mt. Hakuba Norikura

Over night at Renge Onsen

Day 4

Return to Hakuba and move to Nakano yu Onsen

Over night at Nakanoyu Onsen

Day 5

Ski at Mt. Yake

Over night at Nakanoyu Onsen

Day 6

Ski around Mt. Yake

Return to Hakuba after skiing

Price per person

Group of 2210000JPY

Price includes

  • Guiding fee
  • Mountain guide's expenses

Other details

Meeting point

Hakuba at 8:00 am


Accommodations for 6 nights (2 people) around ¥160,000
If you want to stay over night before starting day 7 nights (2 people)¥190,000
Accommodation Examples:
Nakanoyu Spa Inn - a Solitary inn surrounded by the virgin forest of Japanese beech trees. This one is in Kami Kochi area so you can explore and ski Mt. Yakedake area from here.

More info

Excluded from Price:
- Ski Lift pass for 2 days ¥5,000 per person (will use ski lift for 2 days during this tour),
- Taxi fare around ¥10,000 for group
- Accommodation ca. ¥10,000 per person per night