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Snowshoeing in Corsica, 7 days around Vizzavona

Snowshoeing in Corsica, 7 days around Vizzavona | undefined

Julie, local mountain leader, will be your guide on this 7-day snowshoeing expedition in Corsica where she will show you around the stunning Col de Vizzavona!

Corsica-Sardinia massif

7 Days

Feb, Mar




* Learn about important snowshoeing and safety techniques.

* Discover the charming Val d'Ese Ski Resort.

* Fall in love with Corsica's magical winter environment.


Step by step, we’ll discover the breathtaking views and pure nature of Corsica’s magical winter. Follow me on this 7-day snowshoeing adventure around Vizzavona!

Known for its beautiful beaches and fabulous sea, Corsica is an island where you can also enjoy unforgettable winter holidays. This French territory is located in the Mediterranean Sea and is ideal for bother hikers and skiers who are planning their next winter adventure.

Our expedition will take place around the charming Vizzavona village located at an altitude of 900 meters. Dominated by Monte d’Oro (2,389 meters), Vizzavona offers the perfect playground for this 7-day program. From the great Ajaccian valleys to the Col de Vizzavona, we’ll discover Corsica’s natural treasures like the Val d’Ese ski resort , the Richjusa Canyon and Manganellu waterfall among others.

Every day we’ll have a new place to explore and we’ll hike between 4 to 6 hours. And every afternoon we’ll return to our cozy and comfortable accommodation where we’ll sample some delicious French cuisine.

This winter program around Vizzavona offers a unique opportunity to discover the magical island of Corsica in winter. So, if you are ready to take on this adventure, request to book this trip and get ready for a experience you’ll never forget!

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Price includes

- Accommodation included

- Guiding fee

- Breakfast

- Dinner

- Transport during the trip

Price details

These are our private prices. Price does not include: *Transport to the starting point *Beverages and personal expenses *Insurance cancellation *Hiking equipment


Day 11: Meeting point at the Ajaccio airport

From the Ajaccio airport we’ll travel to Capitello Beach where we’ll enjoy a picnic at the beach or have lunch in a small brewery.

We’ll explore the Val d’Ese ski resort located at 1,600 meters above sea level, on Piano d’Ese, between the valleys of Prunelli and Taravo. There,  we’ll snowshoe all the way to Foce d’Astre hut and marvel at the unique views of the Marmano forest (+/- 200 to 300m / 2 to 3 hours ride).

We’ll transfer to the Vizzavona pass and walk through the magnificent beech forests.

We’ll go back to our B&B and before dinner, participants will learn about the activities we’ll be doing on the following days. Also, participants will learn about safety instructions.

Overnight in Vizzavona.

Every morning, breakfast is served from 7h to 8h.

Day 2: Vizzavona forest

We’ll enjoy our first snowshoeing course in the morning.

After lunch we’ll do an afternoon hike and discover the Vizzavona forest by following the trail located at Monte d’Oru and the Southwell cave.

(2 to 3 walk +/- 300m)

Day 3: Col de Vizzavona

We’ll enjoy our second snowshoeing course in the morning. And after lunch we’ll discover the summits surrounding the famous Col de Vizzavona.

(+/- 250 to 550m – 2 to 4 hours walk and we’ll can ascend the Ceppu summit).

Day 4: Richjusa Canyon

In the morning

Afternoon hike around the Richjusa Canyon or over the  Venaco village.

Day 5: Bocca Palmente or Punta I Zorpi

Hiking during the day where we’ll learn about the environment’s rich flora and fauna.

We will take the GR20 to Bocca Palmente or Punta I Zorpi and enjoy a picnic near the sheepfolds of Alzetu.

We’ll return by the path of the lost woman (+/- 700 to 1050m – 5 to 8 hours of walking depending on the weather and group’s level).

Day 6: Col de Vizzavona

Snowshoeing course during the morning and during the afternoon, we’ll go from Col de Vizzavona, winding up to the sheepfolds of I Pozzi, climb to the Madonuccia and overlook at the beautiful valleys.

We’ll return through the trail of the lost woman (+/- 400 to 600m / 4 to 6h).

Free during the evening.

Day 7: Manganellu 

We’ll enjoy our last hike during the afternoon around Manganellu where we’ll marvel at its waterfalls and rivers.

Day 8: Last day

10:30 am at the Ajaccio airport.


About the guide

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Mountain Guide

I am a mountain leader based in Quenza, Corsica. I am state-certified and offer hiking and snowshoeing tours around this beautiful island. And for your added safety, I'm also a firefighter and lifeguard. I enjoy the feeling of freedom I get when in the mountains and also the humbleness that they require. The mountain is wonderful when shared!

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Julien is an outstanding guide who has a true passion for mountains I will gladly recommend him Hike was very challenging but well worth the effort. A true family memory for my daughter and I. A little difficult communication with Explore Share arranging the trip

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