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Val Formazza and Alpe Devero 4-day ski tour

Massimo Candolini, certified mountain guide and ski expert, invites you to join him in this fascinating 4-day ski touring trip to Val Formazza and Alpe Devero to discover magnificent mountain peaks and landscapes.

Mountain RangeAlps
Duration4 days
Offer periodJan, Feb, Mar, Dec
Type of tripNot specified


Come with me to this captivating ski touring strip into the Alps region of Val Formazza and Alpe Devero! We will spend 4-days together discovering the insides of this breathtaking Italian landscapes while practising an amazing winter sport such as ski touring.

Both valleys are located in the extremity of Ossola Valley. This is in the border between Italy and Switzerland.

This specific mountain area is one of the most covered in snow. For this reason, it offers fantastic conditions for high-altitude ski touring of medium difficulty.

Also, during these 4 days you will have the chance of reaching superlative mountain summits on skis. Some of the peaks are the Basodino, Punta Clogstafel, Punta D’Arbola.

Join me and let me guide you across the insides of Val Formazza and Alpe Devero. We will submerge in the mountains while traversing valleys and glaciers.

You will also ski on hills and reach mountain peaks daily. A different hut will be our sleeping accommodation every day.

It will be a full ski touring experience since we will depart at sunrise and return at sunset. But, most importantly, at the end of the day you will rejoice from all the wonderful landscapes you witnessed.

Do not get discouraged if you do not have a lot of experience ski touring. This trip is meant for all who want to adventure into the snowy valleys of the Alps. The main requirement if for you to have some high-altitude training.

Go ahead and come with me to this adventurous ski touring trip in the Alps. I am certain that you will enjoy every second of our time in Val Formazza and Alpe Devero. It will be a touring excursion you won’t forget. I’ll be wanting for your contact; it will be a great pleasure to guide you through this unique skiing adventure.



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