Winter fat biking adventure in South Lake Tahoe (Half-day)

Join a certified guide on this exciting winter adventure, fat biking in South Lake Tahoe. Bike on the show while taking in all the amazing scenery of the surrounding wilderness.

Sierra Nevada (California)
1/2 day
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, Dec
All Levels
Open to everyone


  • Experience the exciting new sport called Fat Biking

  • Ride along surrounded by the amazing Lake Tahoe wilderness

  • Become familiar with this amazing new bike that allows you to ride on snow


Explore amazing adventures in the United States.

Have you ever tried riding a bike in the snow? On this exciting adventure, you will have the chance to try Fat Biking, which enables you to ride on various terrains- including snow!

The Fat Bike has fat tires that allow riders to glide across the snow, while also maintaining the perfect amount of traction. Join us on this tour and find out why Fat Biking is one of the fastest-growing adventure sports in Lake Tahoe!

We will ride along several trails in the lush wilderness of Lake Tahoe, surrounded by amazing scenery. Cross snow-covered forests, vast meadows, and long coastlines with us!

Enjoy the trails and get to know all of the diverse landscape Lake Tahoe has to offer. All gear is provided and all tours are accompanied by an experienced certified guide. Our guides will explain all of the equipment needed for this exciting adventure and offer guidance on how to get the most out of this unique tour.