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Top Mountain Biking Trips in United States









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Every state, and most U.S. territories as well offer bountiful mountain biking opportunities.

Explore the woods near Burlignton and pedal through the Green Mountains for a verdant introduction to the sport. If you find yourself in the middle of the country, head to Michigan and take in the stunning sleeping bear dunes.

Avoid the crowds in Tahoe and Aspen and head to other amazing biking routes in California and Colorado. California’s central coast offers plenty of amazing rides for beginners and advanced mountain bikers. Head to the redwoods or plunge down narrow coastal runs in Santa Cruz.

In Colorado, ride to Gunnisson canyon and national park for a change of scenery.

Finally, if you’ve got the time, check out Moab. You won’t find much better cycling on earth, though sometimes it feels like you aren’t even here. Feldspar in the rocks, glows reddish-pink in the evening, givig your ride a distinctly martian feel.




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What’s the weather like?

Weather varies greatly throughout the United States depending on where you head. However, in spring, summer and autumn, most of the country will be warm or hot, with average temperatures ranging from 15°C to 27°C, depending on where you are. Rain is not uncommon, but in many places, summer is the driest time of year..

How to get there:

The United States is a huge country, so you’ll head to various airports depending on where you want to go. Those destined for Lake Tahoe are best served by the Reno–Tahoe International Airport (RNO). Meanwhile, heading to Aspen requires a flight into Denver International Airport (DEN). Other destinations will require other airports. However, renting a car from the airport and driving to the final location is always the best option.



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