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Hike the Gunks close to NYC, ski Colorado and Utah’s amazing powder, rock climb in California or go climbing in Wyoming or Alaska. Anything is possible!


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There is so much to do in the US, that you’ll probably have to visit more than once. If you’re visiting the East Coast and want to escape the city, upstate New York offers many interesting hiking and climbing options. There is also good skiing in Vermont and New Hampshire and some good rock climbing options in Virginia, close to Washington DC. In the center of the country and the West Coast, Colorado, Utah and California’s ski resorts offer skiers almost endless options. Wyoming’s Teton Range is world-famous for its backcountry skiing!. And if a trip to Alaska is on your bucket list, we can promise The Last Frontier won’t disappoint you!



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What’s the weather like?

Expect cold temperatures in the mountains during the winter, of course. In the summer, it can also get chilly at night though you’ll probably be able to wear short sleeves during the day.

How to get there:

If coming from abroad, you will probably fly into New York City, Los Angeles, Miami or San Francisco. You will probably want to take a second flight to get you closer to the spot/s you will be visiting.



Country Code:



US Dollar.

Best time to visit:

Visit during December, January, February and March if you want to go skiing. For mountaineering and rock climbing, summer months are best - although some areas, like California, allow for year-round climbing.



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Just took an intermediate rock climbing course.  What a fantastic class.  Our instructor was Joel and we started off covering
all the different types of gear, static vs dynamic force, etc. before going into how to correctly and safely use it.  There were only 3 of us and with an 8 hour day we got lots of practice in. Joel was super patient and adapted the class to our skill level and the questions we had.    I walked away feeling like I could do this on my own safely.  Cannot recommend Kaf enough, if you’re thinking of transitioning to outdoor climbing, call them up
yo sólo asisti a este curso en agosto de 2012. El equipo de profesores donde muy paciente, eficientes y una
gran actitud. Puedo decir que les encanta lo que hacen y era obvio que donde hay para nosotros los estudiantes, para compartir su pasión y verdaderamente querían que aprender y poder subir por nuestra cuenta con seguridad. donde Los estudiantes de todos los niveles de escalada y parecía que todos tienen una gran actitud. todos llegamos como extraños y de alguna manera separen como amigos, sabiendo que la escalada no es una actividad de solo. El día volamos por pero estaba lleno de nudos, aseguramiento, real escalada, técnicas y maniobras geniales compañía. Recomendaría esta clase a todos los que vayan solos o con amigos que quieran aprender lo básico en verdadero rock, o si quieres ser re-aclimatado después de haber estado ausente para el mundo de la escalada y necesita una revisión. Uno de mis días favoritos hasta ahora este verano!

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