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There are many reasons for choosing Iceland

Wherever you go on this diverse island, you are bound to see something different. From the birch forests of Hallormsstaður to the massive Vatnajökull Glacier, everywhere that you go on the island boasts something different.


Good to know:

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Icelandic krona


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How to get there?

Keflavik International Airport (KEF) is the country’s main international airport. There are direct flights here from North America and Europe. The rest country is fairly well connected by roads, ferries and domestic airports

Best time to visit

This depends on what you want to do. For activities such as ski touring and ice climbing, spring is the best time to visit. For activities such as hiking, rock climbing and mountaineering, the summer is the best time to visit

What’s the weather like?

Contrary to popular belief the weather in Iceland is quite mild. During the early spring, the average daily temperature hovers between 0ºC to -10ºC, depending on where you are. As spring becomes summer, average temperatures rise to about 10ºC to 15ºC. However, Iceland is generally very windy. The island receives about 800mm of precipitation each year, with most of it coming during the autumn and winter

More info about Iceland:

Iceland is a sparsely populated Nordic island country. The island has many active volcanoes and is on a geological hotspot, meaning there are plenty of natural springs as well. The island is warmed by waters flowing up from the Gulf of Mexico, so it is not as cold as you would expect. Oftentimes during the winter, Reykjavík is warmer than Chicago or Berlin. However, the country is still pretty cold and has 13 different glaciers. Since it is at such a high latitude, the country experiences prolonged periods of darkness during the winter, known as polar winter. The opposite is true during the summer, when it is almost constantly light. Though it is highly integrated with the EU, Euros are not commonly accepted here


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