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Conquer the slips and slides at the top of North America and indulge in the Canadian wilderness on a canyoning adventure!

With a vast rugged terrain that stretches in every direction, Canada is home to ancient geology carved from waterways that are as thrilling as they are fascinating. Whether you are taking on the limestone ravines of Quebec and their epic waterfalls or getting lost within the Canadian Rockies and Coast Mountains out west, you are sure to have the time of your life climbing and jumping through the natural networks of canyons snaking across this great nation.


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Canada is the northernmost country in North America, sharing a border with the United States to the south and west. Known for its wide open landscape and forested wilderness, this English and French speaking country has everything a thrill seeker could possibly want. Mountain-top glaciers run down into crisp rivers that cut through the jagged mountains and hillsides for a never-ending playground of gorges and canyons. From east to west and back again, all within proximity to major transportation hubs, canyoning tours are available and fulfilling. The grandeur provided by the wilderness adds a level of excitement to the trip, and canyon routes are notably long and rugged.



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Weather in Canada can be extreme, particularly in the winter. The summer months are consistently pleasant, with moderate to warm temperatures. The mountainous regions tend to avoid severe weather during the summer, though the continental climate of the interior can be dramatic. Winters are snowy and cold, with a few exceptions along the coasts.


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Vancouver and Toronto serve as the main international airports serving Canada, along with the smaller Montreal and Calgary airports. Munich, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Beijing, and Sydney all have direct flights to Toronto and/or Vancouver. Once inside the country, Coach Canada, Greyhound, and Megabus serve the major cities within the country, including access to Quebec City, Calgary, and Sudbury. Train travel may not be efficient, but it is an excellent way to see the phenomenal countryside.

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The best season for a Canadian canyoning adventure is in the summer. Anywhere from May to October should provide you with the right atmosphere for a delightful experience.




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