Sea kayaking to Percé Rock on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec (Half-day)


Have an incredible time kayaking to Percé Rock in Quebec with one of our certified guides. Witness amazing views of the long coastline on this half-day trip.

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  • Kayak to one of the most iconic rock formations in Canada.
  • Explore the rich plant and animal life in the area.
  • Spot a few fossils and marine birds alongside witnessing stunning views.


Undoubtedly one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks, the Percé Rock (Pierced Rock) is a massive rock formation located in water. It lies in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence,  at the tip of the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec. Join us as we take you on a half-day sea kayaking trip to witness this natural wonder in Canada.

The huge limestone block of the Percé Rock is over 433 m long and 90 m wide. The name comes from its unique shape. There is a 15m high arch on its seaward southern end, making it one of the world’s largest natural arches in water. No wonder as we approach this grand structure, we are rewarded with striking views.

We will set on our journey from the city of Percé. You will see the long magnificent shoreline as you paddle. It will be enriching to discover the plant and sea life of the area alongside learning about the geology of this massive structure. There is hardly any vegetation on the top of the Percé Rock which makes it an ideal spot for some marine birds like the Northern Gannet to take refuge here. And did you know there are over 150 species of fossils embedded here? You sure will have a lot to explore!

It is an easy trip which doesn’t require previous experience and is open to all skill levels. You sure can bring your kids along. So, what better way to spend a fulfilling day with your family than visiting this geologically and historically emblematic landmark?

Send a request now to go on this incredible trip to the Percé Rock in Quebec for unforgettable memories. We will be happy to guide you.

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Suitable for children aged 8 years and above.


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