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Embrace the Adventure: Top Water Sports Trips


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Discover unique perspectives of familiar places or check out something entirely new when you head out into the water!

From canyoning in the Pyrenees to rafting on the mighty Colorado River and kayaking around one of Japan’s numerous islands, there is plenty to see and do when you ditch the land for a nearby body of water.  

Water Sports

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FAQs: Water Sports

What should I know about Water Sports ?

One of the biggest perks of taking part in water sports is that they can be done just about anywhere.

You can find rafting trips all over the world, each of which offers something a bit different. Enjoy wildlife viewing on the Zimbabwe River in Chobe National Park or get your adrenaline pumping in the rushing rapids of the Colorado River in the western United States.  

Kayaking similarly allows you to visit various places that you could not get on foot alone. Explore the innumerable fjords around Funnmark in Norway, checking out the mountains as you go or explore the lakes of Bariloche. Either way you won’t be disappointed.

Finally canyoning gives you a bit of a smorgasbord of options. Climb, swim and boulder in one of the many ravines found in England’s Lake District or head to the Suzuka Mountains in Japan for an unforgettable waterfall climbing experience.

You are bound to find endless opportunities for adventure and discovery on any water sports trip!  

Why should I choose Water Sports for my outdoor adventure?

See something different

Water sports can give you a unique view on familiar scenery. Heading to the bottom of a canyon and then climbing out lets you see an entire ecosystem you’re bound to miss from above. Kayaking can bring you to places you’d never reach on foot and let you see parts of the world you would otherwise miss.

Stunning scenery

Enjoy stunning views out over some of Earth’s most amazing landscapes when you head out onto the water. Whether it is remote islands off the coast of Japan, the gorgeous walls of the Grand Canyon or the verdant walls of the Verdon Gorge, water sports can get you up close to some of the most scenic spots you could possibly imagine.
Excellent exercise

Whether you are kayaking, canyoning or white water rafting get some exercise while having a blast! Work out muscles that you don’t use every day as you use your upper body to row that kayak, control a careening raft with your core and utilize a little bit of everything when you canyoning. Who knew getting a workout could be this fun?

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Everything was well-planned. The guide Raquel explained what we needed to do and made sure that everyone understood. The guide provided wetsuits, safety gear, and helmets. We had options to climb and jump, or opt on any climb or jump we didn’t feel comfortable doing. I traveled with my 21 year old daughter, 58 year old husband and self (age 60). This was our first canyoning trip. Beginner level, was perfect for us, and we did well. We loved it and I’m so glad we discovered this amazing sport! We did every jump and climb! Thank you Raquel for your guidance! Also your recommendations for other hiking and touring in the area! We did visit Rupit, Besalu, and São Paulo! I would definitely recommend this to those that are in reasonable good fitness and love the water and jumping into water!



I tried to contact Explore-Sharing several times but either I wouldn't get an answer or they weren't very helpful. I am still supposed to get money back (they charged me too much and we ended up being two less people doing the canyoning) but even though I wrote several emails and they said they were going to come back to me, they still haven't. Can you pls look into this and reimburse me?



The guide was super nice and helpful (we did rafting for the first time). It was a lot of fun and the nature there is so beautiful. Thank you explore and share and soca splash for the great afternoon!



Was very good carlos was excellent guide



Raquel was very lovely with the kids. Everyone was very happy!

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Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you at any moment throughout your adventure.

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