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Siberia boasts plentiful gorgeous scenery. From panoramic vistas over the Pacific or Arctic Ocean to the thick evergreen forests around the edge of Lake Baikal, there are plenty of incredibly diverse landscapes to explore. Heading out on a pair of backcountry skis is one of the best ways to experience Siberia in all of its glory.



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December to April


Russian ruble (RUB)

What’s the weather like?

During the winter, the average daily temperatures in Siberia can reach 15 to 20 degrees below freezing. In fact, Siberia is known to have some of the coldest and harshest weather conditions on earth. Plenty of snow also falls as well during the winter months

How to get there:

This depends on where in Siberia you head. It’s a big place. Many guides will opt to meet in the Irkutsk International Airport (IKT), which offers direct flights from Moscow and most major Asian cities , and provide transport to the start of the trip from there

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Siberia is huge. If it were a country, it would be the largest in the world by a wide margin. It is also one of the coldest places on earth with some of the harshest winter conditions found anywhere. This means there are plenty of incredible places to head out for a backcountry skiing odyssey. Away from the popular aforementioned ones, Luzhba is another great spot for some secluded backcountry skiing. Even more remotely located that Irkutsk, it takes at least three days to reach Luzhba from most parts of the world and you will feel like the only person on earth once you get there. Some steep slopes filled with great powder will make for the skiing vacation of a lifetime. Farther northwest, the peninsula of Kamchatka is another excellent option for Siberian ski tourers. Due to its mountainous terrain and spectacular landscapes, Kamchatka has been referred to as the Mecca of freeride skiing, due to all of the diverse landscapes and high-quality powder that falls in abundance. One of the many things that makes Kamchatka stand out from the rest of Russia are the stunning views. Many guides offer the chance to ski from the top of a volcano or mountain directly to the Pacific Ocean



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