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Best Places to Visit in the Czech Republic for an Active Holiday


Ana Rosberg

July 10, 2019

Last updated on March 22, 2022 by the Explore-Share team


The Czech Republic in Central Europe is renowned for its beauty. Its capital, Prague, is one of the most stunning cities in the continent. It also boasts breathtaking landscapes and charming towns and villages that are well worth exploring.

The whole country spans an area of 78,866 square kilometers and includes the historical regions of Bohemia, Moravia, and Czech Silesia. Sněžka mountain, at an altitude of 1,603 m, is the highest point in the country, in the Giant Mountains.

The Czech Republic is also well known for its rock climbing options and via ferratas, with unique rock formations and caves to discover.

Read on to find out our pick of best places to visit in this stunning country for an active holiday adventure. Don’t miss the chance to go with a certified guide that can point you in the right direction and teach you the skills you need to tackle any challenge!

1. Czech Paradise (Bohemian Paradise)

Photo courtesy of Vojtech Dvorak

Czech or Bohemian Paradise is a 700 km²  nature reserve north of Bohemia and north-east from Prague. This stunning region is famous for its breathtaking wilderness, its sandstone rock, dolomite caves, ruins, and castles. The area is perfect for hiking, mountain bike adventures, and rock climbing. Some of the most renowned spots to visit in the reserve include the Kozakov hill, the Bozkov dolomite caves with their underground water lake, and the Prachov rocks where you can practice slab, friction or crack climbing.

In brief:

  • Closest city/town: Turnov, Jičín, Nová Paka, Semily, and Železný Brod are all big towns inside the region which are connected to Prague.

  • How to get there from Prague: Options include driving or taking a bus or train. Travel times are approximately 2-3 hours by public transport from Prague to one of the towns of Bohemia.

Join a one or more days Prachov rocks climbing program and discover the stunning Bohemian Paradise.

2. Moravian Karst

Photo courtesy of Marie Lollok KlementovaThe Moravian Karst is located to the east of the Czech Republic, north of Brno. This stunning nature reserve features unique geological landscapes with approximately 1100 caverns and gorges. Macocha Abyss is an important landmark in the reserve and is a 138m deep gorge where the Punkva River begins. The dolomite, limestone, and gypsum formations make this an ideal location for rock climbing and via ferrata adventures for all levels, kids included! Read more about the necessary requirements for children to start rock climbing here.

In brief:

  • Closest city/town:  Blansko

  • How to get there from Prague: You can get to the Moravian Karst by train, bus or car. The travel time is approximately 2-3 hours.

Join a via ferrata day tour in the Czech Republic, or take your children on a rock climbing adventure for kids in the Moravian Karst.

3. Giant Mountains National Park

Photo courtesy of Jan NovotnyThe Giant, or Krkonoše Mountains, in the Sudetes mountain range in Central Europe offer breathtaking views and are a hot spot for hiking in the summer and winter sports in the colder months. In the Czech Republic, the Giant Mountains National park covers all of the Czech side. The highest mountains in the country are located in this area, and Sněžka_,_ at an altitude of 1,603 m is the highest. Snowboarding, ski touring and ice climbing are all popular sports in the Giant Mountains, best done with a certified guide. You can read more about ski touring in the Czech Republic here. 

In brief:

  • Closest city/town: Harrachov, Rokytnice nad Jizerou Špindlerův Mlýn, and Pec pod Sněžkou.

  • How to get there from Prague: Going by bus is your best bet. Trains also run to many of the towns in the Giant Mountains but are not so frequent. Driving is another option although you will need to get permission to drive through the hills outside the towns.

Join a 1-day ski touring program in the Giant Mountains, or try your hand at ice climbing in Bud’ Fit.

4. Děčín

Photo courtesy of Marie Lollok KlementovaLocated to the north of the Czech Republic, Děčín is a town in northwestern Bohemia. This beautiful spot inspired artists such as Casper David Friedrich and Frederic Chopin. Hills and castles are part of its appeal, as well as the Labe River, where Hunger Stone, a  6 m2  basalt stone stands. Hiking and via ferrata adventures in the region will allow you to enjoy nature as you overlook the charming town.

In brief:

  • Closest city: Dresden

  • How to get there from Prague: You can travel by train or bus and train to Děčín from Prague. Another option is to drive there. The approximate travel time is 1-3 hours.

Participants of all ages can join this unique Děčín Via Ferrata adventure in the surrounding areas of the town!

5. Adršpach

Photo courtesy of Jan NovotnyLocated in northeastern Bohemia, the  Adršpach-Teplice Rocks are a unique sandstone formation that belong to a stunning national nature reserve. This spot is a hot rock climbing location with chimneys, cracks, edges and vertical walls for all levels. Sandstone climbing requires some special skills and has specific rules, so going with a certified guide that can show you the ropes is a must. You can find out more about sandstone climbing in the Czech Republic here.  The maximum height of the walls in this region is approximately 80 m., with the most challenging climb being the ‘Skalní koruna’ (rock crown) at  50 m.

In brief:

  • Closest city: Wroclaw

  • How to get there from Prague: You can take a bus, a train or drive to the Adršpach-Teplice Rocks from Prague. Driving there takes approximately 2-3 hours, other options can take between 4-5 hours.

Join a unique sandstone climbing adventure in Adršpach-Teplice Rocks and learn a new way to approach this exhilarating sport.

The Czech Republic is a unique destination in Europe, with amazing active holiday opportunities. Enjoy this beautiful country year round, discover its culture, history, and breathtaking landscapes on an unforgettable adventure. Browse Explore-Share’s guided trips in the Czech Republic and start planning your trip!

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