Freeride Skiing in Solden (Austria): All You Need to Know

Andrew AstonMarch 03, 2019

Nestled within the Otztal Valley of Tyrol, in Austria, and just over an hours drive from the major metropolis of Innsbruck, Solden is one of Austria’s top freeride skiing destinations.

Solden has gained this reputation due to its excellent conditions and postcard-pretty location, right in the heart of the Alps. The abundance of mountains on its doorstep ensure there are numerous peaceful and quiet freeride skiing spots to enjoy.

It is also the definition of gorgeous alpine scenery, as the quaint and rustique wooden huts and buildings combined with the tree lined forests, lakes and glaciers make for a memorable sight. The mighty and majestic Wildspitze (3768m), Austria’s second highest mountain, also looms large above.

Freeride skiing trips are particularly popular in Solden due to the seemingly limitless amount of fresh, pristine, virgin snow, and there is a wide array of freeride skiing trips available depending on level of ability and length of time, ranging from beginner to expert, and single-day to over a week.

Solden is also in close proximity to the marvelous freeride skiing area of Arlberg, making it possible to combine this two destinations on a single trip. which you can read all about here!

To get you excited for your next freeride skiing holiday here, we’ve taken the time to compile a list of useful information you’ll need to know to plan your trip.


Freeride Skiing in Solded, Austria
The wide open slopes of Solden. Photo courtesy of Jan Novotny.

3 Reasons to Go Freeriding in Solden


Freeride Skiing in Solded, Austria
Picture-perfect scenery. Photo courtesy of Karel Kriz.

Stunning Scenery


Solden is a truly beautiful and magnificent location for freeride skiing, as you will encounter spectacular and sweeping panoramic views back over the alpine forests, leading down to tranquil and mesmerizing lakes, lagoons, waterways and glaciers.

There are two glaciers in the Solden area at which you can ski, Rettenbach and Tiefenbach, with each providing a truly unique freeride skiing experience as you ski down and around the marvelous and glorious glaciers.

The village itself is everything one imagines Austrian ski villages to be, but with a modern twist, as there is plenty of new and gleaming architecture, state-of-the-art and up-to-date ski infrastructure (ski lifts, mountain huts etc), and the incredible and brilliant ice Q restaurant situated high up on the slopes looking back over the valleys and surrounding mountains!

Perfect Powder


Winter in Solden means constant, heavy and fresh snow basically every day, one of the main reasons for its popularity as a skiing destination. It tells you everything you need to know about how good the snow is that every year Solden hosts the first Alpine Ski World Cup races of the season. The deep powder makes the long and wide runs down uninterrupted slopes all the better.

On top of this, Solden has the distinction of being the only resort in Austria with lift access to 3 peaks over 3000m (‘the big 3’) – Gaislachkogl (3058m), Tiefenbachkogl (3250m) and Schwarze Schneid (3340m).

The ski season actually begins quite early in Solden, with some years even starting in October!

Party Time


Solden has garnered a reputation as having one of the liveliest Apres-ski and food and drink scenes in Austria, with a wide array and huge amount of pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants to indulge in. It also plays host to the annual Electric Mountain Festival, enhancing its reputation as one of the go-to spots in Winter in Austria.

There truly is something for everyone in Solden!

Best time to go there


Freeride Skiing in Solded, Austria
The deep, fresh powder. Photo courtesy of Patrick Ribis.

The best time to go freeride skiing in Solden is from December to April, when the weather is coldest and snowfall heaviest. This is when most guides offer their trips.

Temperatures rarely stray above 5 degrees celsius during this time, and often drop to around -5 degrees celsius, ensuring that it never gets too cold.

As mentioned, the snowfall is consistent and heavy during ski season, and there is a slight risk of avalanches during this time. All guides provide essential avalanche safety equipment and information, ensuring you are fully prepared.

How much does a guided trip cost?


Freeride Skiing in Solded, Austria
Freeride skiing with friends. Photo courtesy of Jan Novotny.

The cost of a freeride skiing trip to Solden varies greatly, depending on how long you go for, how many people you go with, what you do and what is included.

For small group trips of 1-3 days, the cost is generally around 300 EUR per person. Larger groups range anywhere from 100 EUR per person to 200 EUR per person.

These generally include a guiding fee and group equipment.

Longer, more challenging trips covering multiple mountain ranges of 5-8 days are approximately 1300 EUR.

How to get there?



Solden is a very easy ski location to reach. The major city of Innsbruck is only 87km away, with an international airport taking flights from places all over Europe.

Driving or taking a bus takes a little over an hour to reach Solden from Innsbruck, and the nearest train station is a short bus ride away in Otztal-Bahnhof, which takes trains from the rest of Austria, as well as Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


As can be seen, Solden is a true wonderland of freeride skiing, with easy access and awesome snow. Book your freeride skiing adventure now and get ready to experience the beauty and fun of Solden!



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