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Rock climbing in Arco: What are the Best Spots? post image

Rock climbing in Arco: What are the Best Spots?


Clara Aguirre

August 19, 2018

Last updated on March 22, 2022 by the Explore-Share team


Arco is located in the beautiful Sarca Valley, in the heart of the Lake Garda region, in north-eastern Italy. Its outstanding long limestone formations make for a perfect spot to practice all types of rock climbing, for all different skill levels. It’s one of the top rock climbing spots in Italy. From half a day to a full week, rock climbing programs in Arco come in different formats!

Rock climbing in Arco is a perfect adventure to bring some outdoor activity to your Italian holiday.

On this Explore-Share.com blog post, we share with you 8 key things to consider when planning this iconic European rock climbing experience.

1. The location

Rock climbing in Arco: What are the Best SpotsRock climbing in Arco: What are the Best Spots

Climbers in an introductory rock climbing program in Arco. Photo credit: Marika Fave.

For your rock climbing trip to Arco you will need to travel to the Arco commune – under an hour’s drive from the city of Trento (or between 1.5 and 2.5 hours by public transportation). Other Italian cities in the area are Verona, Milan and Venice.

Its strategic location in the Alps makes Arco also accessible from the Dolomites (a couple of hours by car) and from the countries in the north, like Austria, Germany or the Netherlands. Hundreds of climbers from these countries drive down to Arco ever year.

2. The weather

Its special protected location in the mountains, plus its proximity to Lake Garda, provide Arco with a unique weather. Temperatures are mild, and the area is filled with beautiful Mediterranean vegetation. This helps create unique weather conditions for an enjoyable rock climbing program – and this is probably an added reason for climbers all across Europe to be attracted to this area.

3. Best time of the year to go there

For rock climbing, Arco is great to visit between May and September. Summers can get quite hot, although it is also great to enjoy bathing in the beautiful Lake Garda for a refreshing break!

4. Types of rock climbing in Arco – and some of the best routes

Arco offers a wide variety of rock climbing options including single-pitch, multi-pitch and via ferrata. Here you will find over 120 sport crags and over 30 multi-pitch routes.

Rock climbing in Arco: What are the Best SpotsRock climbing in Arco: What are the Best Spots

Arco has a vast number of long limestone walls. Photo credit: Bernd Eberle.

Some of the most popular spots are:


With beautiful bolted limestone and over 130 climbing routes.

Monte Casale

This is the largest crag in the Arco area and it is located at 1,535 m. Here you will find amazing Dolomite style multi-pitch routes.

Monte Brento

Dolomite style routes that run for over 1,200 m.

Plache Zebrate

Located just north of Arco town, here you will have over 20 rock climbing routes to choose from.


This is a location to practice on mainly single-pitch routes. You will find over 12 small crags here!

Set out on a guided climbing trip in Arco! Your certified mountain guide will be able to help you decide what routes better accommodate your experience, goals and time.

5. Difficulty and fitness levels

Arco offers a wide variety of walls, suitable for different experience levels. Whether you are just starting out in rock climbing or you are ready for a sustained-level program, you will find what you are looking for in Arco. There are introductory rock climbing programs available as well.

Of course, apart from your level of rock climbing experience, you will need a good overall fitness level.

6. Number of climbers and duration of the programs

How many climbers can join a group depends on the specific route, its difficulty and its duration.

Programs for a maximum of 2 to 4 climbers tend to be of an Intermediate to Sustained level:

Check out this 3-day Rock climbing program for women in Sarca Valley, with certified guide Marika Fave.

This 3-day Sustained multi-pitch climbing course in Sarca Valley with certified guide Mathias Leo.

Or this 1-day rock climbing and via ferrata in Arco with IFMGA certified guide Marika Fave.

Some intermediate programs take up to 6 climbers:

For example this Garda Lake 4 day multi-pitch rock climbing adventure with IFMGA certified Bernd Eberle.

And shorter programs can take up to 8 climbers:

Check out this Introductory rock climbing half day near Arco with IFMGA certified guide Marco Girardi.

Rock climbing in Arco: What are the Best SpotsRock climbing in Arco: What are the Best Spots

A view of Lake Garda from the top. Photo credit: Marika Fave.

7. Estimated costs

Prices for the different climbing programs in Arco range from around 62 EUR (half a day) to 500 EUR (for 3 days).

8. What to do in the surrounding area

There are plenty of things to do around Arco.

Lake Garda is a great windsurf and watersports location. And in the summer, a great option to bathe in and cool down.

Mountain biking is a great idea as well. There are plenty of trails in this area, and a great bus service to easily reach them all.

There are also many hiking options around.

Ready for your rock climbing adventure in one of the best spots in Europe? Get your ropes and helmet ready and start planning your rock climbing program in Arco today! Have a look at the programs available on Explore-Share.com for more details and ideas.

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