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Kamchatka: a different summer trekking in the Far East post image

Kamchatka: a different summer trekking in the Far East


Lucía Bodo

November 9, 2016

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Those who have had the opportunity to ski in Kamchatka can ensure that it is one of the best ski spots of the world. However, few people know about the wide variety of hiking tours this peninsula offers during the summer months. Therefore, we'd like to share with you the story of Diane, a French woman who lives in Russia and enjoyed a trekking expedition in Kamchatka last August.

Diane is a French lady who currently lives in Moscow. With her friend Anne Marie, they are two great mountain travelers. They have visited several places around the world. In addition, they're always venturing in ski touring trips during the winter in the Alps. And they also enjoy mountaineering and hiking tours during the summer.

But this time, Diane’s expectations were placed in discovering a new place and going for new adventures. In addition to enjoying off the beaten track expeditions, she likes geology very much. So she wanted a trip that could combine volcanic lands with some sport activity. In that way, she looked for some programs offered by Explore-Share and she ended up on Grigory’s profile page. Grigory is a ACMG certified mountain guide. Although he is now living in Servoz (Chamonix), he comes from Kamchatka and spends every year several months there. He goes hiking, mountaineering and ski touring with his clients from all around the world.

Diane told him about her ideas for the summer 2016 and her wishes of enjoying a challenging trek in Russia. Immediately, Grigory did not hesitate and put her in contact with Roman. Roman is a colleague of him that belongs to his guides' team in Kamchatka.


That was how Diane and her friend Anne Marie met with Roman last August and planned their new adventure. He guided them on a 10-day camp to camp trek in Kamchatka.

Kamchatka is a volcanic peninsula located in the Russian Far East. An ideal spot for a geology lover and of course, also ideal for an adventurer! Grigory and Roman organized a very diversified program that led Diane and Anne Marie to new different wild spots every day.

In fact, this particular program involves a big physical effort in a completely wild but safe environment. This will be in that way as long as you are in the company of a good guide as in this case. In addition, it is a fully autonomous traverse. Each participant must carry their own supplies, tents and equipment during the 10 days. Diane and Anne Marrie have been walking on average 8 hours per day.


Regarding the itinerary itself, it was an amazing hike in Kluchevskaya Sopka volcanic area with some ascents. First, they climbed Plosky Tolbachik (3.140 meters high) and Ostry Tolbachik (3.682 meters). Then, they moved to Ushkovsky volcano (3943 m) and climbed it as well. Finally, they also had a hike on mountain tundra and the best glaciers of Kamchatka.


After such unforgettable experience, Diane did not hesitate to send us her feedback. She told us about her summer mountaineering trip in Kamchatka. Moreover, she expressed her happiness about the guide recommended by Grigory and about the program in general. She also wanted to convey special thanks to Roman for being so kind and for providing them very good equipment. It is something that is not always the case in more remote areas like that.


In Diane’s words:

“It was exactly what we were waiting for and what we wanted. Wild and very beautiful landscapes, uncrowded summits and magnificent views on Kluichevskaya. Beside that, an active volcano and exciting ascents to Tolbachik and Ushkovski. Our guide Roman was an excellent guide. He is efficient, attentive and competent. We trusted him immediately. We reached all our goals with his help. So, we'd like to come again in Kamchatka and do another trip”

Additionally, in her feedback she highly recommends the Kamchatka 10-day summer mountaineering program. According to her testimonial, the guide wishes more clients would ask for such trips. This is because Kamchatka is a very well known place for skiers but actually it’s also fantastic to go there during the summer.


When coming back from her hiking tour in Kamchatka, she started organizing her next trip for 2017. Through Explore-Share she contacted Andrey, a certified mountain guide from Kyrgyzstan. They are planning together the ascent of a 6 to 7000-meter peak there. For 2018, she is already discussing with Ivan to ski the north face of Mt Elbrus.

The world is really immense and the possibilities it offers are endless. Kamchatka is a clear example that the best adventures are always waiting for us. We just have to know how to find them. Once we found the perfect place, the valuable presence of a certified guide is the best way to enjoy a memorable experience. An experience that encourages us to continue seeking new challenges. New goals to achieve, as in the case of Diane.

See more pictures of Diane’s trekking in Kamchatka:


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