Kilimanjaro (5895m): a journey to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain

Carolina ThibaudOctober 06, 2017

At the end of August, French airline pilot Sebastien left for Tanzania with only one goal in mind: he was going to climb Mount Kilimanjaro (5895m) with his long-time friend and climbing partner Alain.

They would climb “Kili” — the highest mountain in Africa and one of the world’s Seven Summits — via the Machame Route and led by a team of guides they had contacted through Explore-Share. Sebastien and Alain had already used the platform to book a Mt. Elbrus ski touring program 2 years ago and had been very happy with the result.

This time, they used Explore-Share to contact Constantine, responsible for one of the best guiding agencies in Tanzania, who helped them organize the ascent and the 2-day safari they did after the climb.


Kilimanjaro ascent
Sebastien, Alain and their guides hike up with the sun rising in the background. Photo: Courtesy of Sebastien Perrin.


The great team of guides, cooks and porters who assisted them during the ascent ended up being the highpoint of their trip to Africa (having a wifi-free week didn’t hurt either!).

Want to know more about Sebastien’s experience? Read the review he left after his trip:

“We did the Kilimanjaro ascent from August 30 to September 5, 2017 with the support of the Explore-Share team, who had already helped us organize a Mount Elbrus ascent 2 years ago. We are 2 long-time friends: Alain, IFMGA-certified mountain guide and ski instructor, and myself, airline pilot and ski instructor. This physical adventure, this journey to discover mountain landscapes that are completely different to those in the Alps, which we know so well, proved to also be a fabulous and exceptional experience at a human level.

During these 7 days, we were accompanied by a whole team of guides, a cook and porters; and it was these people who were the highlight of the trip: always smiling, encouraging, so kind in the most noble and beautiful sense of the word. I would like to particularly thank this group of porters, our guide Elly who led this beautiful ascent, Constantine and his Congema agency which handled administrative matters, and of course Explore-Share, with Gauthier Poncelet, which allowed us to experience once again a magnificent trip that will stay engraved in our memories”.

After such an awesome week, Sebastien is already dreaming up his next adventure. This time his wanderlust will take him to Argentina, where he is planning to climb Aconcagua, another one of the Seven Summits.

Check out some more photos from Sebastien’s incredible Kilimanjaro ascent: 


Kilimanjaro ascent
The flora on Kilimanjaro, a world away from the Alps.


Kilimanjaro ascent
The arid landscape on the way up.


Kilimanjaro ascent
The team takes a break during the hike.


Kilimanjaro ascent
Sebastien and Alain during the strenuous ascent.


Kilimanjaro ascent
One of the camps during the climb.


Kilimanjaro ascent
A happy moment under blue skies and surrounded by amazing scenery.


Kilimanjaro ascent
Above Africa’s clouds.


Kilimanjaro ascent
Breathtaking views as the team walks up to the Kilimanjaro summit. All photos courtesy of Sebastien Perrin.

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