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While long-distance travel might take a while to start back up, we often overlook the mountains in our own backyard. Find a certified local guide near you at Explore-Share.com and let them show you beautiful wilderness areas that you may have missed, learn and practice new skills, and stay fit at a close distance from your home. Contact us now and let us help you pinpoint the perfect experience for you.

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Some trips are best planned in advance, and the time for that is always now. Whether you wish to visit Antarctica, climb a Himalayan giant, hike through the stunning Inca ruins of Peru or go ski touring in Kamchatka, we offer you all the guidance and expertise needed to make your wish a reality, and risk-free booking options to cushion the circumstance. Contact us now and let us assist you in your big plans for tomorrow today.

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Risk-Free Bookings - Flexible Refunds

We are monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely, following legitimate sources such as the World Health Organisation (WHO), and establishing the most convenient guidelines to face the difficulties these times present for the travel industry.

Before cancelling your Trip, we strongly advise you to talk with your guide and discuss alternatives (eg. postponing your Tour to later this year or even next year). They will do their best to find the most suitable solution for both of you!

Even if travelling is starting to resume now, we still want to satisfy your travel needs with the current circumstances in mind. That is why, for bookings that should take place during 2022, we have made our cancellation policies more flexible.

For any cancellation that you make at least 30 days prior to the trip, regardless of the cancellation cause, we are exceptionally offering the following options:

  • One free change of dates: there’s no reason for you to miss out on your plans. Put your Tour on hold and arrange a new date with your guide based on their availability. Valid for 18 months starting from the date of cancellation.

  • Voucher: choose your own adventure. We will transfer 100% of your payment (minus the eventual non-reimbursable expenses the guide may have incurred) to any other Tour you’d like to do with Explore-Share. Valid for 18 months starting from the the date of cancellation.

  • Gift card: share your love for adventure with someone you care for. We will transfer 100% of your payment (minus the eventual non-reimbursable expenses the guide may have incurred) to another person in the form of a gift card for any of the Tours featured on Explore-Share. Valid for 18 months.

It is also possible to request a refund. In that case, the exact amount to be refunded will depend on how much in advance you decide to cancel the Tour, and the standard cancellation policy will apply. You can access it here (see “Services Provided by E&S” section).

Take into account, however, that in any of the cases mentioned above if accommodation, flights or transfers were included in the trip you booked, then a different policy may apply as the guide will be bound by the provider’s cancellation policy

Cancellations due to official travel restrictions

The exceptional cancellation policies detailed above will also apply for trips that take place during 2022 if you need to cancel your Tour at any point due to official government restrictions related to Covid-19 in the countries of origin or destination as described below:

  • If the authorities of the country of origin from where you are departing set an international travel ban that don’t allow you to leave your country

  • If the authorities of the country(ies) where your Tour will take place don’t allow you to enter it/them or set a mandatory quarantine that makes it impossible for you to do the Tour on the agreed date.

In these specific cases, it will also be possible for you to claim a full refund, which will be made minus the eventual non-reimbursable expenses the guide may have incurred (to be determined by the guide at the moment of the cancellation) and Explore-Share fees (a non-refundable 3% service fee paid at the moment of the booking, a non-refundable credit card fee if it was charged at the moment of the booking, plus an administration fee of 3% of the total price of the Tour).

Please note that in order to access this cancellation benefit, you must be up to date with your payments in accordance with the payment plan agreed upon with Explore-Share and the guide at the moment of the booking.

If your flight is cancelled but the local authorities do not have any specific travel restrictions that prevent you from leaving your country or entering the country(ies) where your Tour will take place, you should contact the airline to confirm the options available to you, including alternative flights and/or refunds. Should you not be able to get there to join the Tour you have booked, the standard cancellation policy will apply.

Explore-Share or the Guide can not be responsible for the personal health of each traveler, so please note that the impossibility to do the trip due to a positive Covid test is not a valid reason to apply for these exceptional terms

Please do not hesitate to contact us about your travel plans and the options we can offer you.

We strongly suggest that you purchase travel insurance that covers cancellation fees, including Covid related reasons.

Travel restrictions

Some countries may have specific requirements and restrictions for tourists. We recommend that you consult official sources, such as government websites, embassies or consulates both in your country of origin and destination before booking your trip.

Please note that each traveller is solely responsible for ensuring that their travel documents, including passports, visas, and health requirements are in order for the Tour.

We strongly advise that you purchase travel insurance that covers cancellation fees and any other expenses related to Covid-19.

If you still have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!

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As Covid-19 lockdowns gradually lift and tourism picks up, we also prepare for a safe return to the awe-inspiring mountains and the beautiful wilderness areas that we love. Our Guide Community is committed to guarantee safety on all levels during this transition, and will strictly comply with local regulations and recommendations to this effect. Find out more about the back to travel health and safety guidelines here, and join us in our efforts to stay safe as we venture back out on exciting outdoor adventures and experiences.


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