Catskiing and Heliskiing in Russia

Reach and ski on the most remote places (literally) on Earth.

Russia is not only famous for the extension of its territory or the traces it has left in world history. Russia is the land of the best snow conditions, the most spectacular snow peaks, geysers and volcanoes. Get on a helicopter or a snow cat together with one of our expert local guides and land on a virgin terrain, with untouched snow and deep slopes to freely ski down. The Kamchatka Peninsula and the Caucasus Mountains are some of the destinations chosen by those who decide to go further, where no one else can reach on foot. Join us and select one of our best guided heliskiing and catskiing trips in Russia!

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Siberia has some of the best ski conditions in Russia. For example, the ski station of Baikal offers the possibility of making a round trip, skiing down a winding and narrow track of about 148 kilometers.


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November to March

How to get there

You can travel by direct train to Moscow from Switzerland, or take a train from Bern to Russia with stops in Warsaw, Kiev and Moscow. The capital of the country has air connections with all the airports in the world


Winter and autumn are characterized by snowfall and temperature drops. The highest temperatures can reach 15ºC and the lowest temperatures can drop to -10ºC. Spring and summer are humid and warm and it is not advisable for the practice skiing due to the "spring thaw" that takes place between March and April

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