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There are many reasons for choosing Hiking in Verdon Gorges:

The national park is also a national treasure with stunning natural beauty around every corner. Visit the impossibly blue Sainte Croix Lake, the picture-perfect lavender fields of the Valensole plateau and of course the spectacular Verdon Gorge.



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How to get there

Fly to Nice or Marseille then drive to the gorge

Best time to visit

You can hike here at any time of year but a particularly good time to visit is spring and summer time


Expect average summer temperatures of around 24 degrees celsius and average winter temperatures of around 7 degrees celsius. July is the sunniest month and October is the wettest month

More info about Hiking in Verdon Gorges:

A must-do-hike is the Sentier Blanc Martel trail which is around 14 km long. It will take you around 7 hours in total and gives you great views of the gorge and surrounding mountains. It’s said to be one of the best trails in Europe. The La Palud Sur Verdon is another exceptional place to hike thanks to the changing colors of nature year round. Hiking around the  Sainte Croix Lake is also a great option



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