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Horseback riding is the activity of riding a horse through a landscape for sport and leisure. It is a fun and exciting way to delve into a destination and its culture by seeing it from the saddle. It can be enjoyed along ocean shores and high mountains, and replaces the physical demands of hiking and climbing with that of equestrianism. To enjoy a great horseback riding experience, you just need appropriate clothes and footwear, a horse, and a saddle with accompanying equipment and safety gear, including a helmet.

Horseback riding expeditions can involve a brief morning ride or a sustained cross-country journey; programs and trips can last for as long as the participant wants to explore a region by horseback. Some adventures include camping options, while others immerse participants in a region or area for a deeper specific experience. Knowledgeable local guides can enhance a trip with information and instruction, making it a compelling way to discover a new land.





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