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Ice Climbing in Banff

Banff is one of Canada's prettiest spots, full of magical forests, lakes, waterways and mountains, and ice climbing is one of the funnest ways to see them!

Banff has long been one of Canada’s most popular tourist desintations, and is especially known for its range of outdoor Winter activities. The near-perfect conditions and idyllic, tranquil and peaceful nature of the place makes it an excellent place to indulge in ice climbing. The raw, natural beauty on offer truly is like something from a postcard, and when one is not indulging in ice climbing they can sample the delights of the town itself, including some of the many festivals that set up shop throughout the year. Take a pick from our selection of ice climbing trips and discover what gems Banff can offer!

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There are many reasons for choosing Ice Climbing in Banff

Banff is the near-perfect location for ice climbing, as the sheer number of ice walls and waterfalls on offer is astounding, and most provide ideal conditions for people of all levels of ability, from beginners to experts. Add in the fact that Winters provide the optimum level of cold for these to form, and it is hard to beat as the ultimate ice climbing destination.


Good to know:

Country Code





Canadian dollar

Best time to visit

Winter, when it is coldest and ice climbing conditions are at their best


Fairly mild summers and extremely cold Winters, with temperatures often going below -10 degrees celsius

How to get there

Calgary is 140kms away, so flying in to Calgary International Airport and then driving or taking the bus is easiest

More info about Ice Climbing in Banff:

Banff is a natural place to experience ice climbing, as the vast nature of the countryside and cold and mountainous landscape offers a large number of ice climbing locales. Some of the ice climbing can be quite tough, so being fit and in good shape before arriving is recommended, as it will ensure you enjoy everything more. The town itself is a great place to relax when not ice climbing, with many restaurants and bars around. In winter the temperatures can get extremely cold, so pack appropriately so as not to get caught out, and to maximise your comfort and enjoyment

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