Adventure Travel Protection and Insurance

You know the feeling. You know that nothing makes you feel more alive than standing at the top of a steep run you are about to ski down. Or, if rock climbing is more your thing, you probably distinctly remember the adrenaline rush you got as you considered that route just outside your comfort zone.

At Explore-Share, we know adventures are what life is made of… but we also recognize that they carry a certain degree of risk.

Because we want you to enjoy your adventures to the fullest, we always recommend hiring the best coverage available. As part of our efforts to encourage safe outdoor experiences, we have partnered with Global Rescue, one of the leading providers of travel protection worldwide. Depending on the destination and activity, you may need coverage for:


So that the next time you are standing at the top of that steep run, you only have to worry about how to make your next turn!

Global Rescue

GLOBAL RESCUE provides the most complete medical, security and evacuation membership available for travelers. Its membership includes:

  • Field Rescue from the point of illness or injury for any serious medical emergency
  • Evacuation back to the member’s home hospital of choice
  • Security Extraction from natural disasters, terror attacks and civil unrest
  • Medical Consultation services 24/7/365 with critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians
  • Travel Intelligence and event monitoring from our team of in-house analysts
  • GPS Tracking & Communication through our mobile app

From USD119 for 7 days




IMG Travel Insurance

The IMG Signature Travel Insurance, available to Global Rescue Member, is the most complete and tailor-made product for the adventurous traveler, providing coverage against a variety of unexpected expenses, giving you the added comfort of knowing the actual value of your trip is protected if something goes wrong.

  • Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption
  • Travel Delay and Missed Connection
  • Change Fee
  • Reimbursement of Miles 
  • Lost or Stolen Baggage and delay
  • Medical and Dental emergency
  • Pre-existing Condition Waiver
  • Common Carrier Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Search & Rescue
  • Sports Equipment Rental
  • Rental Car Damage
  • Optional Upgrade: Interrupt or Cancel for any Reason

From USD20

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