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Asco boasts some of the highest mountains in Corsica over 2000m (6561 ft). At 2706 m. (8877 ft.), Monte Cinto is the highest on the island.



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May to September

How to get there

Get to Corsica by plane or ferry. Then, to get to Asco, you will need to go by car


Hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters near the coast. In the mountains, it gets colder, with snowfall during the winter months

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Located in the Haute-Corse department to the north of the island of Corsica, Asco is a top spot for outdoor adventures and mountain climbing. The region is set in the Regional Natural Park of Corsica and is defined by its remote and rugged gorges, as well as its high peaks. At 2706 m. (8877 ft.), Monte Cinto is the highest on the island and a popular mountain for mountain climbing adventures. Plus, the ancient ski station at Haute-Asco is not to be missed. Explore this beautiful Corsican mountain region on an unparalleled adventure trip with one of the guides at!



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