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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Gran Sasso National Park:

From stunning alpine lakes to the rugged towers and spires on Gran Sasso, there is plenty to see in this scenic national park. Heading up to the top of the various mountain peaks is the best way to get unbeatable views of all the parks’ incredible scenery and the surrounding mountains as well.



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Best time to climb:

May to October

What’s the weather like?

During the summer months, average daily temperatures in Gran Sasso National Park range from the low to the mid-20s. Summer is also the driest time of year, with an average of fewer than 5 days of rain per month

How to get there:

Any trip to Gran Sasso National Park will likely begin with a flight into Rome-Fiumicino International Airport (FCO). From here, the national park is just under three hours away by car. Nearby towns are accessible by bus

More info about Mountain Climbing in Gran Sasso National Park:

Far away from the crowds of moutnaineers that descend on the Alps each summer, Gran Sasso National Park and the Apennines offer plenty of incredible climbing opportunities. By far, the most popular one is to head to the namesake of the park, Gran Sasso massif. Here guides offer everything from single-day to three-day ascents up to the various summits. Climbing to the main summit of the massif takes about one day and requires covering a distance of bout 10 kilometers, which include traversing the Calderone glacier, the southernmost one in Europe, and scrambling to the rocky summit. At 2,665 meters in elevation, Corno Piccolo is one of the most popular sub-summits to climb. The ascent takes one-day and is perfect for intermediate-level climbers. Some guides also offer three-day ascents that take you to the various sub-summits before finishing off with the glorious panoramic views from the main one



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