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Mount Fuji, Mount Haku, and Mount Tate are revered in Japan as the country's three holy mountains. Experience an unforgettable mountain climbing adventure in a place of pilgrimage and prayer!



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The Mount Fuji climbing season is from April to September


Mount Fuji is a cold mountain, and temperatures at the summit are usually below freezing year-round. The average annual summit temperature is −7ºC. Fuji is also very windy

How to get there

Mount Fuji is just 100km away from Tokyo. Most climbing programs start off from Kawaguchiko station, and you can get there from Tokyo in roughly two hours by either train or bus

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Mount Fuji is a classic mountain climbing destination. As such, it is well prepared for mountaineers in terms of touristic infrastructure.  The climbing season goes from early July to September. However, you can also climb Mount Fuji from April to May in much colder weather and with some snow on the trails, albeit, with fewer people. Although it is not a difficult climb, you need to be in good shape in order to reach the summit. Take your pick from our selection of Fuji mountain climbing programs and climb this mythical mountain in Japan! only promotes trips led by certified guides



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