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Climbing Mount Fuji: Top Outdoor Adventures Awaiting You


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Mount Fuji is a classic mountain climbing destination. Discover this awe-inspiring Japanese peak with one of the certified guides at Explore-Share.com!

Located on the island of Honshu, Mount Fuji, at an altitude of 3,776 m (12,389.2 ft), is the highest mountain in Japan. It is also one of the country’s three holy mountains, and a revered landmark, both for its cultural and religious value, as for its stunning beauty. Climbing Mount Fuji is a classic that you should not miss out on! Book your place with one of the guides at Explore-Share.com and start planning an unforgettable mountain climbing experience to the top of Mount Fuji!

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FAQs: Mountain Climbing in Mount Fuji

What should I know about Mountain Climbing in Mount Fuji?

Mount Fuji is a classic mountain climbing destination. As such, it is well prepared for mountaineers in terms of touristic infrastructure.  The climbing season goes from early July to September. However, you can also climb Mount Fuji from April to May in much colder weather and with some snow on the trails, albeit, with fewer people. Although it is not a difficult climb, you need to be in good shape in order to reach the summit. Take your pick from our selection of Fuji mountain climbing programs and climb this mythical mountain in Japan! Explore-share.com only promotes trips led by certified guides.

Why should I choose Mount Fuji for my Mountain Climbing adventure?

One of Japan's three holy mountains

Mount Fuji, Mount Haku, and Mount Tate are revered in Japan as the country's three holy mountains. Experience an unforgettable mountain climbing adventure in a place of pilgrimage and prayer!

A site of historic and cultural interest

This UNESCO world heritage site is also famous for having inspired artists and poets, as well as boasting unique cultural and historical landmarks including temples, shrines, and more.

Distinctive geography

Mount Fuji stands tall as an emblematic geographical landmark of Japan and is surrounded by four small cities and five lakes. Climbing to the top of Fuji will give you a unique perspective of the beautiful geography of Japan.

What can I expect from the weather during my Mountain Climbing trip in Mount Fuji?

Mount Fuji is a cold mountain, and temperatures at the summit are usually below freezing year-round. The average annual summit temperature is −7ºC. Fuji is also very windy.

Which language is predominantly spoken in the Mount Fuji region?


What currency is accepted around Mount Fuji?

Japanese yen

How can I get to Mount Fuji?

Mount Fuji is just 100km away from Tokyo. Most climbing programs start off from Kawaguchiko station, and you can get there from Tokyo in roughly two hours by either train or bus.

What's the country code for the Mount Fuji region?


When is the best time to travel to Mount Fuji for Mountain Climbing?

The Mount Fuji climbing season is from April to September.

What people are saying about Mountain Climbing | Mount Fuji



Chika is a perfect guide!



Absolutely wonderful!!!! Chikako was absolutely amazing! We had the most amazing time and was one of the highlights of our 3 week trip! Thank you so much for being so wonderful.



The whole trip was well planned in advanced, about 2 months that I started communicating with Chika. There were rapid responses to questions, even before a confirmation/payment was made. As the dates grew closer, good advice on gear and other practical issues were passed. Typhoon Hagibis had just left significant damage, and the weather was quite unpredictable. It was clear that is was safest to delay the climb, and I was lucky the extra day that I had came with excellent weather. Chika was excellent in communicating the reasons for the delay, as safety was paramount. I had done an earlier trip during the usual summer season a few years back, but with light snow up top, this was one of my best treks/climbs so far.



Chika is an Incredible guide alongside being an fantastic person. The 1day hike up and down Fuji was great, speedy, with enough rests at different stages. At the top she made us coffee which was very thoughtful. En route home she stopped into a number of shops in order for us to get some food, water and some great recommendations for Sake as gifts home to out friends and family's A fantastic trip was had thanks to Chika and her excellent organisation and communication skills. Not to mention she is lovely and fun to hike alongside. If you are looking to climb Fuji whether it be a 1 or 2 day trip, look no further than Chika as your guide.



Chika, you must be the best guide in the world! Service-level 10+ ! Everything from transport suggestions, rentals and the whole climb was perfect! Thanks a lot! Niklas, Peter, Floris, Alex, Pär and Jon

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