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Mount Fuji off season climb (mid April /early June)

Mount Fuji
Fuji ski touring
Fuji ski touring
1 Mt.Fuji in mid May
3 after the storm

Reach the summit of the iconic Mount Fuji on this 1-day climbing trip in the off season, together with an IFMGA mountain guide.


1 Day

Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct




  • Discover Mount Fuji off season and stay away from the crowds.
  • Reach the summit of a mythical mountain in Japan.


At 3776 m, Mount Fuji is the highest peak in Japan and also a symbol of the country. Come with me for a climbing trip in the offseason!

Climbing Mount Fuji in the off season (during spring, from mid-April to June) is a good idea if you want to avoid crowds, although you should consider the weather is much colder and there’s still snow on the trails, so you should come prepared for a harder climb and have the proper equipment.

The starting point of our adventure will be the Kawaguchi-ko area, a resort town with various tourist attractions, many kinds of accommodation facilities and great views of Mount Fuji. You will get picked up from your hotel at night and will travel to the ascent point of Mount Fuji. If we use the toll road, that opens at 3 am, I suggest the pick-up time at 3 am. Otherwise, if you have your own means of transport, you can meet your guide directly at the car park at the base of the mountain.

As this is a 1-day climbing trip, we will start really early morning, almost in the middle of the night. From there we’ll drive 45 min. to the 5th stage on the slopes of Mt. Fuji to the nearest trailhead.

You’ll reach the summit after 4 to 6 hours of climbing. Then, you’ll take the same route to descend while enjoying the stunning views along the way! This will take 3 hours. You should be back in the car park around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. Afterward, I’ll drive you back to your hotel or railway/bus station.

So, are you ready for a thrilling offseason Mount Fuji climb? Then book your place and join me for a unique climb of this iconic peak! 

Please remember that you’ll need winter mountaineering equipment to hike up this mountain.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses

Price details

Not included:

- Insurance is not included in the price.

- If Mt.Fuji tall road need to be used (payable at the spot 2240 JPY).

- During weekends and holidays, this programme is 15.000 JPY higher per group.

- Special service: pick up from Tokyo for an additional fee of 24.000 JPY per group.

- Climbing with children age less than 10 years old is not recommended.


More info

Skill level required: intermediate to advanced, familiar to use crampons, ice axe.

Fitness level required: FIT, able to climb minimum in 8~10h, up and down 1500m (5000 feet).

In general the best adventure time to climb Mt. Fuji is OFF season, but there are several things to consider according to the time of the year. Mt. Fuji receives most of the snowfall from February to April, in winter is too cold and strong winds are blowing snow away. Usually the mountain is still covered with SNOW in late spring and then again in fall but less snow than in spring. Sometimes it is still cold and trails are under snow and ice in these periods. This is a minimum intermediate level and serious ascent requiring previous experience and fitness. You’ll need 3 seasons or winter mountaineering boots, warm clothing, crampons, ice axe, helmet and harness, which can be rented from the guide, except for boots, which you’ll need to bring your own.

Some tips: Usually ascent is from the North, because you can rich the highest trailhead point by car. Hike up starts from parking at 2300m (7500ft); first, we climb on a sandy trail, following is the rocky ridge, approximately till 3000m, from there we need to put on crampons. Is there any technical component? If the weather is nasty, like strong wind or icy snow, for safety ascent we rope up and wear a harness, use an ice axe, etc. The slope steepness is 30, partly 40 degrees. In case the weather is cloudy or windy, the snow will not soften and will stay hard all day; often this is 400 to 600m around the summit. There are 3 different trails going up and down Mt.Fuji. Please note that some are longer as the starting point is lower like at 1900m.

Equipment: for Mt.Fuji climb, equipment depends on snow conditions as it is changing every week. For this ascent, you will need to bring your own proper clothing and own mountaineering boots. If you wish to travel light; we can rent crampons, ice axe, walking poles, helmet and harness at JPY 1000/item, payable in cash direct to the guide after the climb. Please note we don’t rent winter boots.

In case you need to rent some equipment (such as Ice Axes), we will prepare it, but if the guide decides on the spot not to use it, we’ll not charge you.

Food and drinks: You should take 2L of water; 500ml to1l thermos is recommended.

Insurance: please make sure you are individually insured appropriately with international travel insurance which specifically covers mountaineering.

Other: sometimes, trip itinerary may be altered and/or date change can be discussed, case by case, based on the weather forecast. I will try to modify my schedule and we’ll do our best to make our guests happy. I would advice you to make your schedule flexible as well. The guide may choose a different road approach and climbing route, the time of the early morning start etc. If the weather forecast and conditioners are really bad on scheduled day or day before and after as well, then we’re offering plan B: a very exciting mix climbing to the summit of Yatsugatake range, Mt.Akadake almost 3000m high, 2h drive from Kawaguchi-ko.

Trouble while climbing: often people will get light altitude sickness (dizzy, headache etc.).

Special service: I can pick you up at your hotel in Tokyo, middle of the night like 1:00am, then takes 1:30 to 2h to Kawaguchi-ko; for an additional cost of 24.000 JPY per group. Please inquire if you wish this optional service but please note, it is one way only, and you’ll need to return to Tokyo by train or bus, because of heavy traffic jams, usually every afternoon.

Read more: copy of WARNING article; It might not sound difficult to climb Mt. Fuji in Winter conditions but reading this report doesn't make it clear how dangerous it actually is. All warnings about climbing snow-covered Mt. Fuji which can be found on the Internet are appropriate and in fact it is very dangerous. Each year people die on Mt. Fuji and others get seriously injured. Unless you are an experienced alpinist or with an experienced guide, you should not attempt to climb Mt. Fuji in winter. Being well aware of the dangers I spent much time on preparation and training before my first attempt. Please be aware that unless you have already experienced this kind of conditions, the information that can be found on the Internet will not be sufficient for an attempt to climb Mt. Fuji OFF season.

Meeting point

At Kawaguchi-ko town, which is Fuji five lakes area, easily accessible by trains or direct buses from Tokyo.

Equipment you will need to bring


Ice axe



Other gear: Winter boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm alone, is it possible to join a group that you would have already?

What equipment will I need?

Can you pick me up in Tokyo?

Where is the meeting point?

What is the itinerary? Which route will we be taking?

How dangerous is it to climb Mt Fuji off season?

What is included in the price I’m paying here?

Is it possible to climb Mt Fuji off season with children?

Is it possible to do it in 2 days?

Do I need an insurance?

How hard is it to climb Mt Fuji off season? What experience / level do I need to have?

What happens if the weather is too bad?

About the guide

I’m an international IFMGA mountain guide; also the first non-Japanese mountain guide certified by the JMGA (Japan Mountain Guide Association); born in Slovenia.

My country is small but well known in the world as strong in sports and mountaineering. I use to compete as Olympic team member and on World Cup competitions as a Cross-country skier. After I left Slovenia and traveled all over the world, I ended up in Japan. I married beautiful native lady, and have lived here for 30 years. I love Japanese mountains and feel privileged to be able to enjoy these mountains trough the entire four seasons.

I’m based at the foot of Japan Alps; convenient place in winter for ski touring from Nagano to Hokkaido, winter mountaineering or ice climbing at Yatsugatake, and of course ascending the symbol of Japan Mt.Fuji.

In summer Japan is a great place for hiking, alpine climbing or popular shower-climbing and some fine sport/free climbing year around.

Since 2013, I’m working on NHK (Japanese national TV) programs, introducing Japan culture and outdoor activities, climbing skiing etc. Check it out at the link below the recent one about BC skiing.

It is my absolute pleasure also to take and guide you in my home country Slovenia. In addition to guide in the mountains, I also enjoy having the opportunity to teach mountain climbing skills to every level of climbers, here in Japan. This is because I wish everybody to be SAFE on the mountains.
Please contact me on E&S if you would love to have great experience, as well as a tailor-made plan for other mountains and sport climbing all over SE Asia, EU, South America....in any season!


Slovenian | Japanese | English

What people are saying about this trip

harry ellingworth


May, 2023

Cveto was a great guide, the original date we had planned the weather was terrible. Cveto moved it to a better day to make sure we enjoyed it as much as possible. He is very knowledgeable about Fuji and just mountaineering in general. He made us feel incredibly safe which helped us enjoy the experience even more. I have done many climbs before and Cveto is the best guide we’ve ever had!

Michel Tremblay


May, 2023

We had a very nice experience on Mt Fuji with Cveto. He’s excellent and professionnel guide. We could feel safe with him. Thank you!

Charles Miran


May, 2023

First time using this website to book a guide for a climb and it was a 5 stars experience, from the booking system, to the communication with the support team when needed until the final communication with the guide. The user experience was seamless and super efficient! These guys are really doing an awesome job, the vision is awesome and we’ll executed! Regarding the guide himself, it was an experience by itself! Cveto is super kind, funny, super professional and always took the right decision to put out safety first but also to make us have fun and unforgettable memories! Climbing the Mount Fuji with my Fiancé was probably one of our most epic days and this is thank to Cveto! I really recommend this guide if you want adventure in a safe environment! He’s rock solid and really accommodating and reassuring! 10 stars for Cveto!

Alex Evans


April, 2023

Cveto was an amazing guide! He prioritized safety and making sure the experience was amazing. He was incredibly helpful with some of the difficulties we encountered ion the way up and got us to the summit safely. He was filled with knowledge and great stories from previous climbs and trips! Thanks Cveto for making this once in a lifetime experience that much better!

Maris Freimanis


November, 2022

We were lucky to have unconditionally perfect weather for late of november - warm, sunny, slight wind and in addition - a good company - Cveto, the guide. I came across explore-share platform by 'accident' and tryed to contact a local guide there, but as she was not willing to guide in november, guys from Exlore-share spreaded my message among others and there came Cveto. Everthing worked out really nice with him starting from first messages in our communication to meeting me at railway station mid-night, having a good nap in his car before heading up the Fuji and the whole day filled with good conversation, stories and smiles! Thank you, Explore-share Team, for being part of this adventure!

Maldwyn Evans


June, 2022

This was a fantastic trip with Cveto. Our initial date for the climb was unsuitable due to some very bad weather so we rearranged to take the trip on another day. We (three >40yo blokes) stayed in a mountain hut with Cveto the night before and set off for the climb at about 4:30am from an altitude of about 2100m. Even though it was mid June, there was quite a bit of snow on the mountain, particularly towards the top.This required us to don the crampons and rope up. We reached the summit after about 5.5 hours. We then descended around 1500m on snow (much of it sliding down on our backsides - very very fun!). One of the best things about the climb was that we saw two other climbers in total! Cveto was extremely professional throughout and our safety and enjoyment were his priorities. He is an extremely knowledgeable and interesting guy and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anybody wanting an off-season summit attempt of this wonderful mountain. Thanks Cveto!!

Reka Bernat


June, 2022

Cveto is a very experienced mountain guide and a great company. We had a fantastic day with him where he helped us through all our difficulties with ease. We felt very safe on this not so safe snowy Mount Fuji. Can fully recommend Cveto and hope to do more mountains with him.

Brad Jefferson


June, 2019

Our family of four had the best time with Cveto. Our goal was to get our kids (ages 9 and 11) to the top of Fuji-san before the public open season and I don't think we could have done it without Cveto. Of everything we did during our 11 days in Japan, climbing Fuji-san was our favorite highlight. Cveto was communicative about preparations, gear, and weather before the trip and was the consummate professional during the climb. He even short-roped our 9-yr old during a period of altitude sickness.

Eric Robinson


June, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Eric Robinson


June, 2019

Thanks again for the climb, the instruction, and the conversation. For me, this was one of those unforgettable moments in life and I sincerely appreciate your time and energy. You went above and beyond the call! Please also give my best to your wife. I know I was pestering her with questions and she relieved my anxiety! I woke up to a clear view of the mountain and still can't process that we somehow were up there and I couldn't have done it without both of you! Thanks!



May, 2019

The trip was amazing! Cveto was such a great guide and he made us feel comfortable and at ease. We LOVED it!!

obreja vlad


May, 2019

The traveller did not leave a comment.

Carlos Lozano


June, 2018

Our Mount Fuji off season climb was wonderful; an experience that both Angie and I will remember the rest of lives. Cveto, our mountain guide, was superb. He is not only an expert in the field of mountain climbing that made us feel safe throughout the climb to the summit, but also a person that went beyond expectations to make the mountain experience memorable in every way. Cveto is not only an expert climber, but also an exceptional person with a carefree and adventurous personality. Thank you for making a dream come through for both of us. Best regards, Carlos & Angie

Erik Cizmadia


June, 2018

Cveto was an amazing guide whose expertise and experience made the climb very fun and exciting. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an amazing outdoor adventure

Christine Bulaoro


May, 2018

Amazing! Cveto was experienced, professional, & went the extra mile to check on me the night before to ensure I was prepared. He was encouraging but also realistic regarding conditions & limitations. This was my 1st climb (1st time seeing snow actually!) and as a beginner he was patient w/ me and gave clear instructions-I always felt safe. Highly, highly recommend! Reaching the summit was an unforgettable experience. Thank you for everything. -solo female traveler


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