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Mount Fuji 1-day Off-Season Climb, Private Guiding

Climb the iconic Mount Fuji (3766m), the highest peak in Japan, on this 1-day guided ascent led by JMGA-certified local guide Chikako.


1 Day

Jun, Sep, Oct




* Climb Mount Fuji, a sacred mountain and the most iconic symbol of Japan.

* Experience a relaxed and peaceful ascent, away from the summer crowds.

* Enjoy beatufiul views along the way and from the top.


Mount Fuji (3776m), the highest mountain in Japan, is a sacred mountain and one of the most iconic symbols of this fascinating country. I’d like to invite you to join me for a 1-day off-season climb, to enjoy all the natural beauty and peace Mount Fuji offers at this time of the year.

The ascent of Mount Fuji is a very popular trek during summer, so we would avoid the crowds. Climbing Mount Fuji during the off-season offers a more relaxed and peaceful approach, with fewer people on the trails. Furthermore, this is a privately guided tour, so you will have my undivided attention. 

This tour is available from early June till June 27th, and from September 10th till the middle of October. Please note that in June, I can take up to 2 people on this tour, depending on how much snow is left on the trails. In September and October, the guide ratio is up to 4 people.

I will pick you up from your hotel around 5:00 am and we will begin to climb in the early morning, around 6:00 am. Once we reach the summit, we will be rewarded with amazing views. We will be back around 5:00 pm. Keep in mind that you need an advanced fitness level to join this tour.

If you would like to come with me on this 1-day climb to this symbolic mountain in Japan, just send me a request and we will start planning your Mount Fuji ascent. Or, if you prefer to come in the summer, you can also check out my Mount Fuji 2-day climbing tour.

Price includes

- Guiding fee

- Mountain guide expenses

Price details


- Lunch: we will stop to buy lunch at a convenience store after picking you up early in the morning.

NOTE: *more additional fees could be added for climbing gear rental if you need them (It might be necessary in late May to early June).

* ice ax (JPY 500 )

* helmet (JPY 1,000 )

* trekking poles (JPY 500),

* avalanche gears (JPY 1,500),

* harness (JPY 500)

!! Please bring enough cash with you


Day 1: About 1,370m Vertical hike up

4:30-5:00 AM We meet at the hotel (Kawaguchiko area or Fujiyoshida city), check gear, sign the paperwork and drive to 5th station. 6:30AM We start hiking from 5th station. 9:30AM We get to 8th station. 13:00 PM We reach Summit. 17:00-18:00PM We go back to the 5th station.



More info

You might need to have crampons and trekking poles (500 JYP) or Ice axe depending on snow conditions. Transportation to the start of the trip can be arranged, but you need to be in the Mt. Fuji area.

Meeting point

Equipment you will need to bring

Other gear: Rain jacket and pants, hiking boots, headlight, warm gloves, snacks, sunscreen,


What experience do I need to have to climb Mt Fuji off-season? How fit do I need to be?

You need to have an advanced fitness level and be able to walk for 10 to 12 hours in one day. There will be around 1300 meters of altitude gain, and then the same to go down. If you inquire about climbing Mt Fuji in May, you'll need to have previous experience walking with crampons.

What is included in the price I need to pay here? What are the extra costs I'll have to cover?

The price you need to pay here to confirm the booking covers my guiding service and my expenses. On top of that price, you'll need to cover the following costs:
1. Lunch: we will stop to buy lunch at a convenience store after picking you up early in the morning.
2. The technical equipment if you need to rent it: ice ax (JPY 500), helmet (JPY 1,000 ), trekking poles (JPY 500), avalanche gears (JPY 1,500), and harness (JPY 500).
It is important that you bring enough cash with you!

What equipment should I need to take with me? How do I rent it if I don't have it?

1. Climbing/hiking shoes that protect your ankles.
2. Rain pants and jackets (GORE-TEX ), not a poncho! It is possible to rent some at Yamarent.com.
3. Based on the conditions (especially in May and June), you might need an ice axe, a helmet, trekking poles, avalanche gears, and a harness. It is possible to rent them at Yamarent.com
The equipment you rent at Yamarent.com will be delivered to your hotel. After the climb, I will take care of sending it back to them.

Where should I stay the day before? In which area?

You need to stay in the Fujikawaguchiko / Fujiyoshida area. I'll pick you up from your hotel, and drive you back there or to one of these 4 train stations: Fujisan Eki, Kawaguchiko, Gotemba or Shin Fuji, after the climb.

At what time do we start? When will we be back? What's the program of the day?

Here is the program of this one-day ascent of Mt Fuji. The mentioned hours are approximate.
- 5 am. I'll pick you up at your hotel (You should stay in the Kawaguchiko area or in Fujiyoshida).
We'll check together your gear, sign the paperwork and drive to the 5th station.
- 6.30am. We'll start hiking, from the 5th station.
- 9.30am. We should be at the 8th station.
- 1pm. Summit
- 5-6pm. We'll be back at the 5th station. From there, I can drive you back to your hotel or to one of these 4 train stations: Fujisan Eki, Kawaguchiko, Gotemba or Shin Fuji.

I'm alone, can I join a group?

No, I only accept private requests with people alone or groups of people already formed. I don't mix people together that don't know each other.

About the guide

Guide profile image




Mountain Guide

I am a Mt Fuji guide and a backcountry ski guide, certified by the JMGA. I was born in Tokyo but currently live in Fuji-Yoshida city, located at the foot of Mt Fuji. Teaching was something that interested me since my school years, and thus chose to join a specialized college for coaching, instructorship, and sports biology, where I also started climbing and skiing in the mountains. After my graduation, I worked as a ski patrol for 10 years, 5 of which I worked through the year - Hakuba in the winter (of northern hemisphere) and in Methven, New Zealand in the summer (of northern hemisphere), and a backcountry ski guide for 10 years.

My main and favourite field of guiding is on and around Mt Fuji, but backcountry skiing is my favourite mountain sports! I guide backcountry skiing mainly around Hakuba areas but also have been a guide in Hokkaido for 2 years, and know Furano and Niseko areas very well. I also currently teach Japan Avalanche Network level 1 courses on avalanche risks and safety. I also enjoy rock climbing in my free time and love to share with you the beauty of the Japanese mountains through my favourite guiding routes, let it to be in trekking the mountains, snowshoeing with an onsen stay or backcountry skiing in Hakuba areas!

For me, mountains are a part of my life. It teaches me upsides and downsides of life, and I want guests to join me in this environment to realize the conveniences that surround us in our ordinary life and to be grateful of everything that lets us live.

I guide visitors from abroad quite frequently. Contact me if you’re also up for fun mountain adventures!!


Japanese | English



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What people are saying about this trip



Thank you for a wonderful day! Chika is an incredible guide. Very smart, very friendly, and very helpful. She arrived on time and explained everything very well. I was nervous because I have not hiked much at high altitude, but she helped keep a slow and steady pace so I never felt too tired. At the summit she surprised me with hot tea and mochi!! Thank you Chikako! You made my 40th birthday hike a very memorable and wonderful experience for the rest of my life!



Cheka, made Mt Fuji for me. Cheka, ensured I had all the right gear, checked weather forecaste to select the best climbing day and provided a cultural experience. All the time ensuring I was ok. Definitely the best day of my Japan experience. Thanks Hamish



Chika is an Incredible guide alongside being an fantastic person. The 1day hike up and down Fuji was great, speedy, with enough rests at different stages. At the top she made us coffee which was very thoughtful. En route home she stopped into a number of shops in order for us to get some food, water and some great recommendations for Sake as gifts home to out friends and family's A fantastic trip was had thanks to Chika and her excellent organisation and communication skills. Not to mention she is lovely and fun to hike alongside. If you are looking to climb Fuji whether it be a 1 or 2 day trip, look no further than Chika as your guide.



Absolutely wonderful!!!! Chikako was absolutely amazing! We had the most amazing time and was one of the highlights of our 3 week trip! Thank you so much for being so wonderful.



Thank you again for taking us up Mt. Fuji today.  We thoroughly enjoyed the hiking, but also loved spending time with you and learning more about Mt. Fuji, Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese religion, other things to do in your beautiful country, etc.  Thank you also for picking us up at our hotel, for letting us use your crampons and for helping us return what we rented from Yamarent.  Please feel free to use us as a reference if any of your clients want to know about our experience with you.  Will easily give you a 6 star rating on a scale of 1-5.  Would love to come back and do a trip with you in the Japanese Alps.  By the way, I never found the big sushi with shrimp and mayo.  Gotta believe Norm ate it.  His cold is better, though, so letting him have it is the least I could have done.

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