• Trip duration
    3 days
  • Trip level
  • Max people per guide
    6 people
  • Mountain range
  • Best period
    Jul, Aug, Sep


Mt Fuji

is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2013, but Mt Fuji is not just about the climb to the summit but a package with the beautiful nature and view around it. I would like to offer a trip which combines the Japanese tradition in the vicinity of Fuji, beauty of natural spring water from the area and the climb of Mt Fuji itself. The spring water around Mt Fuji is used to brew Japanese Sake and for the making of Japanese traditional food such as Soba. In Oshino, there is a lake filled with this spring water, which is transparent all the way to the bed of the lake, and you can also witness the outflow of spring water from the bed of the lake.

My speciality is also to take photographs of beautiful landscapes and stars. I am keen to guide clients and also to give tips on how to take great landscape photos.

Fitness Level: You must have good general fitness and it would be recommended if you work on regular cardiovascular exercises.

Day 1: Meet at Kawaguchiko station (or Yamanakako Station or Hakone Station, wherever is the most convenient for you) in the morning. We enjoy the relaxing cultural tour by visiting the traditional Soba making factory and sources of Mt Fuji spring water. This day will serve as an acclimatisation day, as we spend our time at an altitude of around 1,000m.

Day 2: We start the hike up Mt Fuji and will stay at one of the higher mountain huts for the night.

Day 3: We start early and summit Mt Fuji, followed by a descent all the way down to the car park. I will drop you off at a station of your convenience.

I can also arrange your accommodations. The accommodations are usually priced at around JPY 15,000 per person.

1 person – JPY 100,000 per person
2 people – JPY 60,000 per person
3 people – JPY 47,000 per person
4 people – JPY 40,000 per person
5 people – JPY 36,000 per person
6 people – JPY 34,000 per person

Included in Price:-
Guide Fee, Route Fee

Excluded from Price:-
Gear rental, Guide / Guest Hut cost (JPY 9,000 or so per person), other hotel cost

Price per person

1 Person100000JPY
Group of 260000JPY
Group of 347000JPY
Group of 440000JPY
Group of 536000JPY
Group of 634000JPY

Price includes

  • Guiding fee

Other details


First night at a hotel (I can arrange for you);
Second night at a mountain hut on Mt Fuji.

More info

Best Period: July - end of Sep (For those experienced with crampons, the season can start from May)

Most mountain huts shut from mid September onwards, except for Sato hut. However, it is better if we can stay overnight at a hut higher than Sato hut to make the summit day easier. Thus, I recommend for you to schedule your climb before most of the huts close in mid September.

If you need to rent gears, check out http://www.yamarent.com/en/item.html?language=en for online gear rental. You’ll be eligible for a discount of 10% with the Explore&Share promotion code, ES3776, if you rent more than JPY 5,000.