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Mountain Climbing in the Osh Region

The Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan is a mythical, magical and historically important place, with its mountain ranges towering over the barren, isolated landscape. Mountain climbing here is truly special and magnificent.

The Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan is located in the South of the country, containing the historically important city of Osh and several nearby mountain ranges such as the Alay Mountains and the mighty Lenin Peak. Mountain climbing in the region is increasing in popularity, with its off-the-beaten track location and huge, sparse and dramatic landscapes appealing to many. Take a look at our selection of mountain climbing trips in the Osh Region, and prepare to make some amazing memories!

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What people are saying about these trips

Jashan dhillon


September, 2017

Climbing Lenin Peak in Pamir

Despite not summiting, The Lenin Peak trip and the professionalism and abilities of Andrey far surpassed my best expectations. Andrey was responsible, knowledgeable, compassionate, and most of all a great person to spend 21 days with. Andrey displayed a high level of good judgement in regards to our decisions on the mountain and ensured the safety of everyone in our group at all times. I would not hesitate to use Andrey for any mountain adventure.



August, 2017

Climbing Lenin Peak in Pamir

Andrey is a great guide. He's patient, kind and puts your safety and quality of experience first. His technical skills and knowledge are really impressive. It was also just so much fun. Can't wait to do another trip again.


There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Kyrgyzstan

It is hard to overstate how breath-taking and jaw-dropping the landscape, scenery and terrain is in the Osh Region, as its humongous snow-capped mountains tower over vast expanses and huge tracts of rocky canyons and green fields. The wide open spaces seemingly stretch on forever, punctuated only by lush coloured lakes and lagoons.


Good to know:

Country Code



Kyrgyz, Russian


Kyrgyzstani Som

Best time to visit

July-August, when the weather is warmest and all the mountains are open to climb

How to get there

Flights to Osh from Central Asian and Eastern European hubs, bus/taxi from the rest of the country, Tajikistan and China


Very hot from May-September, with temperatures often averaging 30 degrees celsius. Cool for rest of year, with nighttime temperatures often dropping below freezing

More info about Mountain Climbing in Osh Region:

Some of the mountain climbing in the Osh Region can be extremely demanding and difficult, so being in excellent physical shape and having extensive previous mountain climbing experience is highly recommended. The weather higher up the mountains one goes is extremely cold, so please pack and wear appropriate warm clothing so as not to get too exposed to the cold. The cities, villages and settlements in the Osh Region still maintain traditional customs and ways of life, so please respect these and try to embrace and learn more about them to fully experience the region at its best

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