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Climbing Mount Elbrus

Reach the top of Europe's highest peak and conquer the Caucasus!

Climb to the top of Mt. Elbrus (5,642m) and see the beautiful Prielbrusye National Park of southern Russia. This dormant volcano is the tenth most prominent mountain on Earth, making for a rewarding and all-around fulfilling ascent.

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Matt Dawson


August, 2021

Mount Elbrus Climb

I climbed with Anton and Maksim; both really great guys. The trip was fully private with just myself climbing. This was a very fast trip beginning in Terskol; not the huts/barrels. Maksim and I climbed up the barrels from Terskol where we met Anton. Anton and I rested about 6 hours until midnight then made a single push to the summit and back down to barrels. The entire round trip was about 23 hours. The weather was cold, snowing/sleet, lots of wind and little to no visibility. We made good time in challenging conditions. Planning and coordination of the trip was smooth and easy. Great job and great company all the way around. Thanks!

Umesh Katdare


August, 2021

Mount Elbrus Climb

Excellent trip well planned with superb guides Have already recommended to friends who want to climb Elbrus



July, 2018

Climbing Mount Elbrus, Caucasus (private)

We loved our experience at Mt Elbrus with our Guide Denis. He was an awesome Guide very knowledgable and skilled. We would use him again. We were greatful for his translation as English was not spoken by many! Mt Elbrus was an amazing place. All lift passes and accommodation excellent. Food was really good. Training days on the mountain was a wonderful experience and my partner made it to the summit with Denis. Sadly I did not but will plan another trip to attempt it myself. I would recommend Denis to anyone wanting to climb Mt Elbrus. Great guy and Guide! Thank you for putting us in touch with him and helping arrange a well organised trip. Very happy customer experience all round!


There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Mount Elbrus

In the world of mountain climbing, nothing can compare to reaching the highest mountain on each continent. The Elbrus is a great way to start that feat, because of its accommodating technical approach and infrastructure. Cultivate your passion for mountaineering's greatest achievement on a beautiful and exhilarating mountain!


Good to know:

Country Code:





Russian ruble (RUB)

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to climb Mt. Elbrus is during the summer, from May to September. The ascent can be attempted outside of the peak season, though winter ascents should be reserved for expert mountaineers. Plan accordingly for your desired expedition

How to Get There:

Mineralnye Vody has an airport to accommodate traffic to Elbrus. Roughly 200 kilometers away from the mountain area, and private transportation is the only surefire way to get there. Nalchik is about 120 kilometers away, and it does have a bus service to the foot of Elbrus

What is the Weather Like:

The weather on Mt. Elbrus is severe and known to change without notice. Because of the need for acclimatization, there is a chance of exposure to this adverse climate. Weather during the winter is cold and unaccommodating, reserving the season for only the most veteran of mountaineers

More info about Mountain Climbing in Mount Elbrus:

Located in the Caucasus mountain range in southern Russia, Mt. Elbrus (5,642m) is the highest mountain in Europe. The area around it is one of the most beautiful in the Caucasus, featuring several other 5,000-meter mountains in the range. A multi-day expedition that usually involves acclimatization hikes throughout the region, climbing to the top of Elbrus is a serious challenge that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The south route is the most popular among climbers because it is both technically easier and has a better infrastructure. The north route requires more advanced mountaineering skills and is more remote, which may be a point of interest for intrepid mountain climbers

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