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In the world of mountain climbing, nothing can compare to reaching the highest mountain on each continent. The Elbrus is a great way to start that feat, because of its accommodating technical approach and infrastructure. Cultivate your passion for mountaineering's greatest achievement on a beautiful and exhilarating mountain!



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Best Time to Visit:

The best time to climb Mt. Elbrus is during the summer, from May to September. The ascent can be attempted outside of the peak season, though winter ascents should be reserved for expert mountaineers. Plan accordingly for your desired expedition

How to Get There:

Mineralnye Vody has an airport to accommodate traffic to Elbrus. Roughly 200 kilometers away from the mountain area, and private transportation is the only surefire way to get there. Nalchik is about 120 kilometers away, and it does have a bus service to the foot of Elbrus

What is the Weather Like:

The weather on Mt. Elbrus is severe and known to change without notice. Because of the need for acclimatization, there is a chance of exposure to this adverse climate. Weather during the winter is cold and unaccommodating, reserving the season for only the most veteran of mountaineers

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