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There are many reasons for choosing Mountain Climbing in Mount Denali:

Mount Denali stands in Denali National Park in Alaska's interior, and its postcard-pretty scenery of vast open spaces, mesmerizing lakes, tracts of forest and animals such as moose and bears ensure it is a highly memorable setting. The sweeping panoramic views from the summit are absolutely breath-taking, with the sublime Alaskan countryside stretching out beneath you.



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Best time to visit

May-July, when the weather is warmest and least hostile

How to get there

Fly to Anchorage, the capital city of Alaska, and then either a 5 hour drive or 7.5 hour train to Denali


May-July are warmest, with temperatures averaging 12-19 degrees during the day, with Winters being extremely cold, often averaging below freezing. Weather fluctuates wildly, with gale-force winds a common feature

More info about Mountain Climbing in Mount Denali:

Climbing Mount Denali can be very demanding, both physically and mentally, so make sure you are in excellent physical condition and have experience climbing tricky mountains before you undertake this climb. The weather at Mount Denali can fluctuate wildly, with temperatures often getting extremely cold, so make sure you pack and wear appropriate clothing so as not to get caught out



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