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We are a team of highly experienced and certified guides. We have been leading expeditions in Aconcagua for many years. Mountaineering is our way of life and our goal is to offer the highest standard of service to each of our clients. We want to provide you with the best opportunity to experience a high-mountain environment, helping you reach the highest summit in the Americas in a safe and enjoyable way.

Several of our lead guides have ascended Aconcagua over 30 times. We guarantee our guides are well-trained and have a deep knowledge of the mountain. They all are certified by AAGM (Argentinean Association of Mountain Guides), and the EPGAMT (School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides) — the two highest certifications in Argentina.

Safety is our main concern and we pride ourselves on our excellent safety record. Climbing mountains has inherent risks, but through careful planning we greatly reduce these risks and lead people into extraordinary environments and life changing experiences.

Climbing Aconcagua is a certainly a big challenge. Through our many years of guiding clients from all over the world to the Aconcagua summit, we have developed an excellent program that achieves this goal better than any other company. We provide an outstanding logistical service and each year we improve our services using the latest technology and innovations in the outdoor industry. We also make sure to provide clear and accurate descriptions of our service and refund policies to our clients.

Aconcagua Mountain Guides Works for the environment and natural resources protection. We transport all waste and trash from the mountain either by mules or helicopter out of the park for disposal, and we take great care of our animals, giving them plenty of rest between camps.

Contact us and let’s start planning your expedition. We look forward to experiencing Aconcagua with you!

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Sebastian Arnstedt


February, 2023

I will write you a longer mail why the trip was a disaster and why AMG was the reason for it. Best regards Sebastian Arnstedt

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