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Alberto Balmaceda


Ski Instructor- Ushuaia, Argentina



I have been living in Ushuaia since 1982. I am a certified member of the AADIDESS (Argentinean Association of Ski and Snowboarding Instructors and Rescuers).I have dedicated myself to mountain sports since early on in my life. I started initially with cross-country skiing and alpine skiing, a fascinating activity that allowed me to discover, love and respect the incredible beauty of natural mountain environment. Since then, I haven’t stopped exploring different mountains of the Andes in Tierra del Fuego. Those years of experience allowed me to train myself in several mountain courses, which gave me the opportunity to explore other destinations outside the island, with unique experiences and adventures.

Some of those were climbs of quick accessibility and low complexity such as volcanoes of Patagonia, in cross-country skiing mode, like the Osorno Volcano, Villarrica, Llaima, Lonquimay (Chile) and among them the Lanín volcano and Copahue (Argentina). I also joined longest and more demanding expeditions, like Aconcagua, Continental ice, Cerro Gorra Blanca, Cerro Tronador, Domuyo Volcano, Aconquija Crossing to Los Alisos National Park (Catamarca and Tucumán) and several Cordón del Plata hills. Climbing the iconic Cerro San Lorenzo in the Santa Cruz Province crowned my mountain activity, due to its complexity, incredible beauty and high level of risk.

As an Instructor I have worked mainly as a member of Club Andino Ushuaia, providing training in the areas of rock climbing, glacier crossing, mountaineering initiation, and especially in Cross-Country Skiing. I’ve had a long career in this last area, providing training to Armed Forces (BIM 4). I was also a member of the Rescue Assistance Committee at its inception, organized by the CAU.

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