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México Turístico is a small local company from Ciudad Guzmán, in the state of Jalisco. We are a team of experienced and certified local guides, with several years of experience operating in the Nevado de Colima National Park, with vehicles authorized to enter the park sites.

We offer diverse hiking tours to the Nevado de Colima, of different duration and difficulty level. We also take our clients on hikes through the beautiful alpine forest, discovering the unique fauna and flora of this place. It is also possible to join us on cultural tours in Ciudad Guzmán, discovering the rural life and climbing the Nevado de Colima on the next day.

Our tours emphasize the respect for the park regulations, with the aim to conservate and protect the flora and fauna of this beautiful place in México.

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Luis Flores


January, 2023

Manuel our guide is very knowledgeable about the Volcano of Nevado de colima.

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Margot Knuth


January, 2022

I am a 65-year-old woman traveling alone this year and I would not have been able to do this hike without a guide ... if nothing else, only his 4WD truck was going to get me to the start (a long dirt road that has its issues). I live at sea level, so just hiking to the ridge (12,000) was enough for me. I very much enjoyed Juan's passion for the park and conserving it. On our way back down the hike, I was happy to join in picking up trash.

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Marek Litmanowicz


November, 2021

We have been on 2-days trekking tour - hiking Volcano Nevado de Colima in Mexico (Nov 21-22'2021). This is our opinion (me and my wife). 1. Both guides - Juan Manuel and Juan Pedro were fantastic - very professional, sympathetic. They spoke English so we have had not problems with communications. 2. Car Ford 4WD - super - big and comfortable. 3. Trekking/hiking - beautiful place, technically acceptable probably by most of guests, fantastic panoramic views 4. Organization of the trip - very good (it was even too much food and drinks) 5. Night in a refuge at 3200 m altitude - this place unfortunately is not prepared for overnight tourists - there is no hot water or heaters - nights are very cold (in our case it was ca. 3 centigrades Celsius), fortunately in our house was big chimney which we could use. Generally - very good tour. In my opinion there should be information about conditions in the refuge. Best greetings ----- Marek Litmanowicz / Gala Akhmatkulova - Poland/Uzbekistan

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