Mountain Guide

Temuco, Chile

UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guide from Chile.

The mountain is my life, every time I ski, climb or walk in this incredible environment I am happy and I find the beauty of the world. I think, like mountain guides, we have the best work in the world, we take people through this wonderful terrain and we enjoy discovering together.

More than 12 years ago I got into the mountains, this took me to travel to different places around the world. I have been climbing in Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, France, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.
I have done long expeditions to Aconcagua, Marmolejo and another 6000’s, I have climbed and guided the classics of the Alps like Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Lyskamm, and I have ski mountains in the Alps and volcanoes in the Andes.

I first studied 3 years in Chile in the national school of mountaineering to become a local mountain guide (ACGM). I did the training to get the international license of mountain guide (UIAGM) in Bolivia and I completed the ski training in France (ENSA).

I speak Spanish, English and French fluently. I also can speak a little bit of German, Italian and Portuguese.

See my programs, contact me and I can take you to discover the mountains and to have incredible moments!