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Sergi Benaiges Robuste


Mountain Guide-



I was born in Valls on May 6, 1974. I'm a lover of open spaces and nature.
We will be considered lovers of nature and simple things. I tried to work without harming the environment, with small groups and without haste.
No noise exits or large infrastructures. I offer personal services from silly years of experience in the mountains as guides of different types of activities, on all types of land, during all seasons. A work methodology focused on the transmission of values, knowledge and emotions / sensations. Activities for all levels and professionals, whether individuals, groups or families.

Qualified as:
- technical driver of physical and sports activities in the natural environment CAFEMN (promotion1998 ECA Pallars)
- river guide (promoted 2004 RFEP)
- Excursion Certificate (promoted 2008 IES la Pobla)
- Sports Technician of the Canyon (promoted 2009 IES la Pobla)
- Nordic ski sports technician
- Classification of high mountain, climbing and alpine skiing

Working as nature activity guides for 1998 in companies with Grup Elements, Siurana Canoe Kayak, Obrint via, Tete adventure, Roncal Valley ski school, Guils Fontanera ski school, Aransa cross-country ski school, security theme teacher and survival in the Café de l'ICCIC (intermediate degree) in 2005. Teacher of the subjects, driving groups on foot, cycling and natural routes 2013.
Responsible for the Salomon Nordic Camps (Nordic skiing techniques)
Member of the AEGM (Spanish Association of Mountain Guides), member 556.

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