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Dominated by the mountains that surround the country, Kyrgyzstan is a veritable rock climbing paradise!

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Previously under Soviet rule until 1991, and also a key component of the Silk Road long ago, Kyrgyzstan is still a relatively new country for tourists to visit, and thus it is ripe for exploration.

The numerous rugged mountain ranges that litter the country make it a veritable rock climbers paradise, as the many options and low crowds compared to other rock climbing hot spots mean conditions are ideal!

There are rock climbs available for people of all abilities, from beginner to expert, making it a fun place for groups!

The complex and riveting history of the country can best be read about in the capital city, Bishkek, an emerging urban area.

Summer is the best time to visit, due to the bitterly cold temperatures in Winter, so pack appropriate clothing to maximize your enjoyment!




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Bitterly cold in Winter, with temperatures frequently dropping well below freezing. Can be very hot in Summer, with temperatures hitting the high 30's celsius.


Kyrgyz and Russian


Kyrgyzstani som

How to get there

Flights to Bishkek from most major Eastern European and Central Asian hubs.

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Best time to visit

April to September, when the weather is warmest, as Winter is too bitterly cold.






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