1+ day Ski Touring at the Furano Ski Resort in Hokkaido

Come and enjoy one or several days of fantastic skiing on the slopes of the Furano ski resort on the island of Hokkaido, Japan with IFMGA certified guide Takao.




Trip Duration

1+ day

Mountain Range


People per Guide

5 people

Trip Level


Offer Period

Jan, Feb, Mar

Type of Trip



  • Enjoy the beautiful slopes of the Furano ski resort.

  • Visit the town of Furano and enjoy the local Japanese culture.

  • Bask in the famous and plentiful powder of Hokkaido.


There are many wonderful ski resorts to choose from in Hokkaido, Japan during the winter season. And no matter which one you choose, you will have a great time. However, because of that variety people can choose which resort they wish to enjoy based on personal preference. And in the case of the Furano ski resort, if you are looking for a resort that doesn’t feel like a resort, but has a more authentic feel, this great place is definitely for you.

Filled with the same great descents and fantastic powder as other resorts in Hokkaido, you can be sure that at Furano, you will have a great skiing experience. But it’s in the nearby town of Furano that you will really get to enjoy a unique experience you will not get in other resorts. However, that experience will not come at the expense of the comforts that visitors to a resort area have come to expect. Furthermore, English speakers will have no issues as both the resort and town are very English friendly.

Are you looking for a wonderful skiing experience in Hokkaido in an authentically Japanese area? Then send me a request and let me guide you on the slopes of the Furana ski resort. And also take some time to enjoy the town of Furano, as well.

Would you like to enjoy a more natural, backcountry skiing trip? If so, join me on this skiing trip in the Daisetsuzan national park, also in Hokkaido.

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Price per person

Group of 1
60000 JPY

Group of 2
40000 JPY

Group of 3
30000 JPY

Group of 4
25000 JPY

Group of 5
20000 JPY


Price includes

  • Guiding fee
 In addition to the guiding fee, the price also includes the guide's transportation costs, but does not include your lift ticket and the guide lift ticket, which are 5,000 JPY each, guide accommodation which is 8,000 JPY and your own accommodation costs and rental equipment.

Other details

Skill level required


Fitness level required


Meeting point



About the Guide


I am an experienced IFMGA mountain guide, born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan. I started skiing when I was 3 and started climbing when I was 6. My high school years were spent in ski competitions and I joined mountaineering club at University, where I developed my ski mountaineering skills. I have been a ski instructor for Miura Dolphins founded by Yuichiro Miura (first ski descent of the Everest “The Man Who Skied Down Everest” and the oldest Everest summiting record holder at 80 years old) and also supported Yuichiro's Aconcagua ascent and ski descent in 1984 as a part of his 7 summits ski descent challenge.

I was inspired by the works of mountain guides in Chamonix when I visited there in 1983, and decided to start guiding as a mountain guide in Japan in 1989 to share my passion and experiences in outdoors sports with other people, as well as to offer instruction to people enjoying the mountains to be better climbers / skiers. I have also contributed to the proper training of JMGA (Japan Mountain Guides Association) guides and the affiliation of it to IFMGA. I am responsible for the pioneering of the climbing and backcountry skiing scenes in Japan.

My main guiding arena is alpinism, whether it be mountaineering or ski mountaineering, mainly in Hokkaido. I usually take a small group of people (2-5) for Sawanobori (canyoning up waterfalls), alpine climbing, ice climbing, and ski touring in the more remote areas of Japan.

I enjoy finding the best experience for each client accordingly to their physical abilities, preferences, and weather/conditions. I guide because I like watching and feeling that people are enjoying and having fun, and see how this buzz infects other people through skiing and climbing. I find this invaluable as a mountain guide.

There is more to Hokkaido than skiing lift accessible powder in January and February. Please reach out to me to find your own customised way to enjoy Hokkaido’s mountains, natures and culture!



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What People are Saying about -Takao Miyashita


Everything was peerfect and prepered for our grup (six persons). Our Guide Yuki is a very nice guy and very good mountain guide. It is important to have Japanese guide in Hokkaido:)
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Tomasz Kapela
Great, experienced guide. Very knowledgeable and professional and had a great time. Would definitely recommend.
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NF 2425
Yuki Nagaya replaced Takao and did a perfect job. Daisetsuzan is very nice, scenery is tremendous and the trail is challenging. Onsen was available in all mountain huts. Apart from bring a great guide; Yuki prepares delicious food.
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Wim Somers
Great trip - poor weather. Excellent guide!
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Peter Knight

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