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14-day Mountaineering Expedition to Llullaillaco – Antofagasta, Chile

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AEGM certified mountain guide Pako De Miguel leads this expedition to the summit of Llullaillaco, sacred ground of the Incas and the highest archaeological site in the world.


14 Days

Aug - Dec




At 6739m, the Llullaillaco is the third highest peak in Chile and the seventh highest in the Americas. It’s height is not its claim to fame, however. In fact, the Llullaillaco is not really famous in the mountaineering world at all. So, why would I want to climb it at all, you ask?

Well, many of the lesser known destinations are also the most magical. The Llullaillaco is certainly no exception.

The Llullaillaco is the highest archaeological site in the world. 

Long before the Llullaillaco appeared on the map, the Incas reached its summit to make offerings to their Gods. Mummies and other objects, presumably of spiritual significance to the Incas, have been found on top of the mountain in recent years. According to archaeologists, the Llullaillaco was the most sacred mountain to the Incas in this area. And not without good reason.

Reaching the summit of the Llullaillaco is no easy feat. Without protection from nearby mountains, the Llullaillaco is largely exposed to the elements. Storms from the West frequently sweep across its surface.

The Llullaillaco is also far more glaciated than sister peaks, Ojos del Salado and Tres Cruces Sur. Plus, the steady presence of its Northwest Glacier makes reaching the summit significantly more difficult.

To say the least, the Llullaillaco is only for those with a strong will. The sense of accomplishment you will feel once you finally reach the summit, however, is unlike any other. Standing atop the Llullaillaco, it’s not hard to imagine why this place was so special to the Incas. Some even say it’s a spiritual experience.

During this unique, 14-day mountaineering expedition, you too can step foot on this sacred ground just as the Incas did hundreds of years ago. Click “Request to Book” now to get in touch with me and reserve your spot.

Given the physical and mental strength required to summit the Llullaillaco, this expedition is reserved for fit, intermediate level mountaineers. You should have prior experience trekking up 3000m mountains over the course of 2+ days with a 15kg backpack.

We will make our ascent on the Llullaillaco via the North Face, crossing two large snowfields at up to 30 degrees. As we approach the summit, we will also encounter a section of large, unstable boulders.

You can find the complete itinerary for this trip below. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrival to the Antofagasta Airport (ANF)

  • Transfer to Imilac (3400m)

Day 2: Zorritas Hut

  • Transfer to the Zorritas Hut (4200m)

Day 3: Portage to 4800m

  • Portage to 4800m

  • Overnight at the Zorritas Hut

Day 4: Portage to 5000m

  • Portage to 5000m

  • Overnight at Base Camp (4600m)

Day 5: Portage to 5220m

  • Portage to 5220m

  • Overnight at Base Camp

Day 6: Portage to Camp 1 (5330m)

  • Portage to Camp 1 (5330m)

  • Overnight at the Zorritas Hut

Day 7: Rest Day

  • Rest day at the Zorritas Hut

Day 8: Transfer to Base Camp

  • Overnight at Base Camp

Day 9: Camp 1

  • Ascent to Camp 1

  • Overnight at Camp 1

Day 10: Camp 2

  • Ascent to Camp 2 (5550m)

  • Overnight at Camp 2


  • Llullaillaco Summit (6739m)

  • Overnight at Camp 2

Day 12: Extra Day

  • Extra day

Day 13: Transfer to Antofagasta

  • Transfer to Antofagasta

  • Overnight in Antofagasta

Day 14: Depature

  • Return transfer to Antofagasta Airport (ANF)

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